Launch: New Market Predicting Technology Is Up for the Taking

New market predicting software technology – the FinCrowd App by Sam Maxwell, was just officially introduced to the industry. Its prediction powers make for an accuracy rate of 87%. And the system is free-of-charge.

For years, the investment field has been accessible only for people with big capital abilities and expertise in finance and trading. With the development of technology, especially one that can automate the various processes, smaller investors and people with no practical experience get the chance to enter the trading world.

Such a solution is the new FinCrowd App. This is an innovative software product that combines two fields that seemingly have nothing in common. The FinCrowd App software utilizes the capabilities of financial algorithms with the properties of a crowdfunding platform for the purposes of managing funds for alternative investments.

“Our goal was to create an automated system that would allow ordinary people with no experience to enter the industry with ease”, says Mr. Sam Maxwell who is owner and creator of the new FinCrowd software platform. With the help of a professional investment banker and venture capitalist Ana Petrov and the guidance of one of the most influential IT specialists in the financial world – David Wang, Mr. Maxwell managed to get the needed funding to release the FinCrowd software to the public. Tim Byrnes, who is the investor that backed up the initiative, shares his excitement about this piece of technology.

“My initial skepticism was understandable, since this is a whole new approach towards the prediction of market movements and asset value assessment”, says Mr. Byrnes when asked about his first thoughts on the FinCrowd App. “Sam readily demonstrated what FinCrowd could do not only for us but for the ordinary people as well, and after I saw its efficiency with my own eyes, I could not do anything else but agree to invest in this ambitious project.”

Preliminary results after the initial release of the new prediction software FinCrowd App, show that the system has the potential to rapidly grow its client base. The platform runs on complex and sophisticated algorithms and hybrid technology. Yet, the outlook is simple and elegant. The creator of the FinCrowdApp software admits that people cannot invest if they do not have the latest cutting-edge technology at their disposal.

Given the fact that the customer profile of FinCrowd App is of people with interest but no solid experience in the field, the software has to answer to some standards for user-friendliness. “That’s why our team built a platform with a simple and user-friendly interface, to wrap the complexities that make FinCrowd work smoothly”, adds Mr. Maxwell during the introduction of the system.

In this way, everyone would have access to the trading world, regardless of background and abilities. The funds are managed by a professional team of investment bankers but the control is entirely in the hands of FinCrowd’s clients. When becoming a customer of the platform, traders can predetermine a long list of settings and rules for the system to run on. These include trade volume, invested amount and even the application of risk management strategies.

All of these factors and the fact that the FinCrowdApp system is offered for free at the moment, can explain the huge interest that the software technology caused upon its initial release. Anyone can gain free access to the FinCrowd platform. The only requirement to begin making investments through this market predicting technology that does all the work instead of the trader, is to have initial starting capital of at least $250. These are investment funds and in no way – a payment. The FinCrowd App software is currently entirely free-of-charge.

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