Last Minute Purchases of First Aid Kits on the Rise by Safety-Conscious Employees

2019 FSA-Enrolled Employees Purchasing First Aid Kits

The Flexible Savings Account (FSA) deadline is just around the corner, on December 31. With over 30 million American households enrolled in this benefit, many individuals are checking out eligible items that can be purchased using the remaining funds from their hard-earned, tax-free money.

Employees with remaining funds in their accounts can choose from a multitude of eligible items for their home and outdoor activities. Favorite adventure preparedness brand, Surviveware, offers FSA-eligible first aid kits that work well for both outdoor and home use. One of their sought-after kits is the Small First Aid Kit. This kit is designed for individuals who lead an adventurous, on-the-go lifestyle and need a first aid kit to tackle outdoor-related injuries.

The Small First Aid Kit is highly recommended for its portability, packing a punch at just one pound. Each 8" x 6" x3" kit has durable MOLLE-friendly straps on the exterior that conveniently snap into place. This feature allows the bag to be fastened to one's backpack, tackle box, and bicycle with ease. Since the kit is made of durable 600D polyester, owners can be confident that this kit will last through years of adventures.

Apart from the superb content, Surviveware is also known for the organization of this kit. The compact first aid kit has labeled compartments that neatly segregate the provisions. The sections are marked with their contents’ name, use, and quantity. The first aid kit, which can be purchased using FSA credit cards via Amazon Prime, also comes with resealable laminate pouches in which smaller items such as medicines, pins, and creams can be stored.

The supplies stored inside this pack can be used to treat minor to moderate injuries. Unlike other kits available on the market, the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit contains more than just a wad of bandages. It holds 100 provisions that one can use to treat wounds and injuries such as lacerations, punctures, sprains, strains, concussions, incisions, and fractures. Despite its size, this kit can also accommodate additional personal supplies such as prescription medication, creams, and epi-pens.

An Amazon customer named Julie, whose husband is frequently injured at work, shared her thoughts on the kit:

"My husband is a mechanical contractor, and it seems like he's bleeding or burned almost every week for one reason or another. I replaced the larger first aid kit he carried on his truck with this one a few months ago because he found it too cumbersome to find what he needed. He would routinely come home with things patched up with duct tape or super glue instead! Even though this kit is quite compact, it is well laid out, and he finally knows where to find everything in a hurry. He was thrilled with it when I showed it to him.

For its size, it has a very practical assortment of reasonable quality supplies. I did add some medications, antibiotic ointment packages, quick clotting bandages, burn bandages, and a couple of other things that were geared towards his type of typical injuries. But as a compact, basic kit, it's terrific. I love this company and have their large kit, as well. As a registered nurse, I carry a pretty comprehensive first responder style bag in my car at all times and use Surviveware's kit as my basic first aid kit in it. I have nothing but positive things to say about this company and their well-designed products."

Don't let your dollars go to waste and use your remaining FSA funds to order this Surviveware Small First Aid Kit now. Grab your pack today by clicking here.

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