LaserCare Eye Center Introduces New Methods of Laser Eye Surgery

LaserCare Eye Center is aimed at making the life of eye patients simpler. With its expertise in laser treatment, the company is making new leaps in creating something that truly resonates with patients.

In a recent advancement in eye care, LaserCare Eye Center has introduced the latest methods of laser eye surgery. Directed towards helping their patients enjoy the perks of perfect eyesight, experts of the clinic have gone the extra mile to bring the latest technology to Dallas Texas.

Initially the center was a pioneer in LASIK vision correction that was done by their expert surgeons. However, LaserCare Eye Center now focuses on the latest LASIK surgery bringing together the Zeiss Visumax and MEL 80 to currently be the only LASIK eye center in Dallas Fort Worth with the Zeiss laser suite.

The new addition of the MEL 80 allows LaserCare Eye Center to use the Visumax laser to create the flap. In the first step, doctors use a laser to create a thin flap with the help of bubbles. After this is done, the MEL 80 Excimer laser is introduced to complete the procedure by reshaping the cornea. Their laser eye surgery services are also available 6 days a week.

The Clinic Director reportedly told the media, “We are thrilled to make the announcement. As ophthalmologists, we have always been focused in giving our clients the best experience. With the full Zeiss Laser Suite, our dream is finally a reality.”
The clinic also offers other forms of laser eye correction including SMILE Eye Surgery, ‘blade free’ Lasik, and PRK. Many patients from all around the United States have gained near perfect eyesight because of their services. One of the most recent leaps in ophthalmology is a method that uses Femtosecond laser to create a small disc shaped lens in the cornea instead of the traditional LASIK flap. The process is Proven, Gentle, Precise and patients can walk out of the clinic within minutes.

SMILE eye surgery or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is one of their major methods to treat near sighted patients. It involves laser creating a small disc in the cornea which the doctor removes through a laser-made incision. The whole procedure is done within less than a minute. Sid Gicheru, head ophthalmologist said, “We have satisfied clients from all over the world who love our services.”

Situated in three different locations in Texas, namely Irving, Southlake, and Plano, the clinic is associated with numerous medical associations. These include the Texas Medical Association, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Board of Medical Specialties and the Texas Ophthalmological Association.

To make it convenient for their patients, the renowned clinic also accepts major insurance plans. Customers can also make payments with the use of financing, health saving accounts, flex spending accounts, and cash or credit cards. To ensure minimum obstructions, checks need to be paid to the clinic 7 days prior to their eye correction procedure. LaserCare Eye Center aims to make it easy for Americans to have easy eye care options that are non-time consuming and affordable. In their journey, they are creating a new benchmark for ophthalmology clinics.

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LaserCare Eye Center is a reputed eye clinic in Texas that offers new eye correction procedures at affordable prices. They also house primary eye care and cataract surgery options, making them a one stop clinic for better vision.

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