Large First Aid Kit Recommended for Daycare and and School Use

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit Deemed Perfect for School and Early Learning Center Use

Daycare centers and elementary schools are prone to minor accidents and unintentional injuries due to wobbly walkers and hasty runners. Despite constant supervision, children can easily sustain bruises, scrapes, cuts, and even bites. In addition, there are medical emergencies that may occur when inside daycare facilities and schools, such as asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and seizures. Schools and childcare facilities are responsible for caring for the children under their supervision. Therefore, they need to have comprehensive first aid skills and kits under their belt.

To extend their assistance in sustaining safer and more resilient communities, Surviveware, a leading brand of camping and survival gears, launched their expanded first aid kits. This first aid kit is perfect for home, office, vehicle, and even school use.

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit is designed to be sturdy, water-resistant, and to keep up with the antics of young children. The kit’s body is made of durable 600D Polyester fiber that makes it durable against wear and tear and constant use. It has a MOLLE strap system that enables it to be attached to any suitable surfaces. This large first aid kit is also ergonomically designed to be easily carried due to its shape and structure. Its sturdy handle on top helps in its easy retrieval; in a fast-paced situation where every minute counts, this feature is indeed a life-saver.

This expanded first aid kit is packed with a sufficient quantity of supplies to meet the needs of students in schools and childcare facilities. It has 200 useful medical supplies that can be used to aid with minor to major injuries related to child play such as cuts, bruises, sprains, and scrapes. The kit contains several emergency and adhesive bandages of varying designs, non-adhesive dressings, wound closure strips, skin cleaning and alcohol wipes, eye pads, hypoallergenic tape, and gauze pads. It also comes with additional items such as tweezers, splinter probes, safety pins, and cold packs. Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit also comes with a CPR kit, fever strips, hydrogel, and sting relief wipes.

A favorite feature of this first aid kit is the organized and labeled compartments. Each compartment is labeled according to its content and purpose, making it easy to retrieve supplies in emergencies. Moreover, the labels are useful in identifying medical items that need replenishment.

Apart from the supplies, Surviveware’s large first aid kit comes with an advanced first aid handbook. This handbook helps users to make appropriate decisions during critical situations, and contains instructions on how to perform basic first aid.

There is no better way to maintain a learning center or childcare facility’s integrity than by ensuring that the facility is capable of responding to child-related injury and emergencies.

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