Laraway Family Dentistry Releases Informative Article Comparing a Root Canal vs. Extraction

The Woodlands-based dental practice has released a blog post and article which describes and compares two dental procedures. Patients deciding between a root canal and extraction will find helpful information.

Laraway Family Dentistry are pleased to announce the release of a recent blog post entitled “How to Choose Root Canal vs. Extraction". The article describes each of the two procedures, as well as the circumstances under which each is likely to be implemented. When major conditions such as a large cavity, cracked tooth or other dental conditions are present, treatment may involve more than just fillings and cleanings. When bacteria makes its way into the tooth’s root and inflames the pulp, the tooth needs a more complex solution. It may be time for a root canal or tooth extraction.

Both procedures are useful in treating teeth which have become infected or damaged in some way. Individuals may be unclear about when to have one or the other done. It is helpful to understand both methods. Tooth extraction used to be much more common than it is now. People want to keep their natural teeth in place as long as possible. For this reason, root canals have grown in popularity and use. Tooth extraction, however, is still necessary sometimes.

Endodontic treatment, more commonly known as a root canal, is a common method of treating infected or damaged teeth. When the tooth’s root becomes inflamed by a large cavity or other irritants, performing a root canal removes the infected pulp while leaving the tooth in place. A root canal permits retention of the natural teeth, even when they are diseased, damaged, or have dead pulp. The method is relatively less expensive than a tooth extraction in combination with dental implants.

A tooth extraction removes the entire tooth from the jaw. Local anesthesia or even general anesthesia will be needed, with a healing time of more than two weeks. Since it leaves a gap in the mouth which can create other issues, it is common to have a dental implant placed to replace the missing tooth.

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