Lap Band Houston Center Reports Patients Lose Weight Easily with Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band Houston Center publishes new information concerning this popular bariatric procedure.

When the FDA first approved lap band surgery back in 2001, nobody knew how popular this treatment would become, yet it is now the second most popular of all bariatric procedures within the United States. In fact, more than 300,000 individuals around the globe have now undergone lap band surgery. Individuals struggling to lose weight need to look into lap band surgery houston as it benefits many.

"Lap band surgery provides an opportunity for all to achieve their weight loss goals. Many hesitate to undergo bariatric surgery as they worry about the complications, recovery time, and more. Most of these worries are reduced when one chooses the lap band procedure over others currently available. When the surgery takes place, the doctor inserts the band, yet does not fill this band with saline. This band may then be adjusted to meet the needs of the patient, once the recovery process is complete, which usually takes four to six weeks. There is less risk associated with this type of surgery, and recovery time typically decreases, as only small incisions are made" Mary Adams, spokesperson for Lap Band Houston Center, explains.

Studies conducted in Italy and Australia show, over a three year time period, individuals who had undergone lap band surgery lost anywhere from 49 to 68 percent of their excess body weight. Another study, one undertaken by John B. Dixon and Paul E. O'Brien found patients lose an average of 56 percent of their excess weight with the help of the surgery. Individuals need to take this information into account when determining if lap band surgery is the right option for them.

Adams goes on to say, benefits of this procedure range from improved self esteem to a reduced risk of certain types of cancer. Individuals find clothes fit better, others are less likely to judge them, and their risk of many diseases drops, including diabetes and stroke. Furthermore, the individual finds every part of his or her life changes as a result of the surgery.

As with every surgery, the lap band procedure does come with risks, and the patient must be aware of this. Some bands slip, requiring an adjustment or repeat surgery, and others find their band becomes blocked, leading to nausea, vomiting, and pain. Gastroesophageal reflux disease and poor nutrition are other complications sometimes seen with lap band surgery. Patients need to discuss the benefits and risks with their physician before deciding if this procedure is right for their needs.

"For optimal results, the patient should meet with a dietitian to ensure his or her nutritional needs are met. As smaller meals must be eaten, one must make certain to consume the appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Lap band surgery requires lifestyle changes, yet those willing to make these changes find their lives change for the better in every way," Adams declares.

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The Lap Band Houston Center offers the safest and least invasive weight loss surgery available today, while providing clients the best medical professionals around along with affordable pricing. Lap band surgery becomes easier when one chooses to use Lap Band Houston Center, and the center prides itself on changing client's lives by offering them an opportunity to lose weight once and for all.

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