Landfill Compactor Market Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2015 - 2023

New opportunities are expected to arise owing to the upcoming construction activities in the world.

Landfill compactors are especially designed equipment for spreading and distributing large amount of waste in a landfill environment. Although, in certain instances across the globe where transfer stations are spread on vast area and have large working space, landfill compactors are used.Landfill compactors offers highworking speeds as compared to track machines. Such types of machinesare used if waste does not have to be raised to a greater distance.

Landfill compactors creates variations on the wheeled loader or as models manufactured from such concept, and featuresenclosed frame structuresandhydrostatic drives. These units spread and distribute refuse on landfill sites to maximize the site capacity, in order to reduce the gas emissions and stabilize the deposited material throughout the land. Heavy operating weights of the machine coupled with especially designed steel wheels crushes, kneads and distributes the refuse. The cerb weight of the landfill compactor varies from model to model with a power ratings capacity of 600 kW. Some of the major advantages associated with landfill compactors are: they are especially designed and configured to work in a waste environment.

They can easily achieve superior compaction levels as compared to various other mobile equipment.
However, landfill compactors are not generally seen as a primary piece of transfer station equipment, they are occasionally used as an alternative solution to a transfer station operator. The compactor design comprises front and rear frames attached by an articulating joint. This provides even weight and thereby optimal traction. Fully enclosed frame prohibits the entry of unwanted material, and provides complete protection to all drive components.The cab is generally removed from the frame to generate a high comfort level and work without any type of injury or accident. The operator environment is especially designed for carrying out fatigue free work. The complete visibility helps in getting a clear picture of the surroundings.

In combining powerful and advanced engines, hydrostatic drive creates an excellent pushing power for crushing and spreading all types of refuse. Landfill compactors can be tailored to meet the needs of individual sites through a broad choice of bucket designs and dozer blades.

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Especially designed polygon type disc wheels creates an optimum crushing, mixing and compaction effect on the waste, and simultaneously it generatesvery high traction so that the landfill compactors can maintain high stability and grip in all operating conditions. Scrapers equipped with adjustable tines can easily ensure clean wheels on every pass, thereby providing consistent quality of the results. The area being condensed is completely covered with wheel overlap passes therebyproviding even greater cost-effectiveness.

Price is an important parameter while deciding the uniqueness of a landfill compactor. Cost-effective landfill compactor also demands high component life,easy service access, and extended service intervals. Depending on the specific type of requirements, landfill compactors are designed and manufactured. Large number of companies are carrying out vast research and development activities in order to produce a powerful landfill compactor fully equipped with modern technologies.

Some of the key drivers of the landfill compactor market are large number of ongoing construction activities all across the globe, especially in developing economies such as India and China. High operational and maintenance cost of landfill compactor can hinder the growth of the market. New opportunities are expected to arise owing to the upcoming construction activities in the world.

Some of the key companies in the business of landfill compactorare BOMAG GmbH, Caterpillar, Caron Compactor Company, Inc.,Marcel Equipment Limited, HJ Industries Avon, OH,Tutt Bryant, Sinomach Heavy Industry, Terra Compactor Wheel Corp., TanaOy, andHumdinger Equipment Ltd.

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