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On this blog site, readers can find step-by-step guides on How to Spin a Bowling Ball, as well as many bowling tips and lessons for beginners.

Land of Bowling is a blog site that offers how-to guides relating to the sport bowling as well as the best recommendations of bowling types of equipment and more.

The Best Bowling Tips and Tricks for Beginners blog will help beginners to choose the right size and weight of a bowling ball. This is crucial because it will not only help one to score better. Try for holes that are only slightly bigger than the ring size, and do not be afraid to change the ball if failed to grip it well.

The site also reviews various bowling gears and types of equipment as well as good bowling lanes, acknowledging the difficulty of finding high-quality and affordable bowling gears.

“My goal on this page is to recommend gear that is priced really well while still maintaining a high-quality standard. These are the stuff which I use and personally likes,” said Roman Urich, founder of Land of Bowling.

Their reviews will help guide readers through the process of choosing the top bowling shoes on the market, to the best bowling bags, best bowling balls, and more.

Bowling is a sport enjoyed by families and friends, but it can also be taken seriously in competitive tournaments. As with any other type of competition, anyone would get the best chance at winning by using equipment designed specifically for their skill level. For beginners who are just starting out or have never competed before, the Land of Bowling blog site has great recommendations of entry-level performance balls that may be perfect.

Some examples of entry-level performance balls are the Brunswick Strike King Bowling Ball, the DV8 Hell Raiser Blaze Bowling Ball, the Hammer Black Widow Bowling Ball, and more. They offer great durability while still being affordable so users do not have to break the bank trying them out.

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About Land of Bowling

Land of Bowling is founded by Roman Urich, who has been bowling since the age of eight, transferring from recreational to competitive in his early twenties. With over thirty years of experience, he started Land of Bowling to give new bowlers and old souls a competitive edge through the best gear, guides, and information about this 7,000-year-old sport. For aspirational pro league stars and recreational bowlers alike, they have just found land to call home.

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