Lakeshore Surgical Center Reports on Success of Affordable Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

Pregnant Again offers tubal ligation reversal surgery that can help women have a better chance of getting pregnant again, as a more affordable alternative to IVF.

Many women undergoing the trauma of childbirth feel strongly that they never wish to undergo such pain again, and make the decision to undergo tubal ligation, a process by which the fallopian tubes are clamped, severed or sealed in order to prevent eggs passing to the womb. However, as their child grows and their joy increases, many mothers change their outlook, wanting to have children once again. IVF is incredibly expensive and available to only a few, but now Pregnant Again in Lakeshore offer Tubal Ligation Reversal to give women a more affordable way of getting pregnant once more.

The reversal procedure is performed on women of an average age of 37, allowing women their fertility at a time when they may want it most, and the surgery includes a dying procedure that ensures the tubes are open and flowing. With the surgery checked for the success, women’s chances increase immensely.

The Lakeshore Surgical Center is overseen by Dr. William Greene, who has made it his mission to transform the lives of as many potential mothers as possible. The surgery also performs tubal libation in such a way that it’s completely effective, but optimized for reversal, so that women who wish to get their tubes tied but may wish to change their minds can have ultimate peace of mind both ways.

For more information Pregnant Again explained, “Dr. Greene has done amazing work in pushing the field of tubal libation and libation reversal forward into the 21st century, and his methods are far more advanced than most of who offer similar surgeries around the country. Many do not perform the dye test, many remove much of the fallopian tube in the initial operation, and many do not close the tube in layers. The procedure is also far cheaper than IVF, making it ideal for a lot of potential mothers who wish to undo the decisions of their past.”

About Pregnant Again:
Lakeshore Surgical’s physicians and staff have a combined 60 years of outpatient gynecological surgery, specializing in tubal reversal. Dr. William Greene Jr., M.D., the medical director, has more than 26 years of experience with outpatient gynecological surgery of all types including tubal reversal. They offer the most effective and cost-effective treatment to help women get pregnant again after tubal ligation.

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