LadyCare Receive Endorsement From Belinda Carlisle For Device To Combat Menopause

LadyCare has created a device that actively combats the symptoms of menopause, and has been endorsed by singing superstar Belinda Carlisle, who claims the product changed her life.

Belinda Carlisle is best known to the British public for hits like “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” and “Circle in The Sand”, and to this day regularly tours around the world to perform in front of millions of adoring fans. Her career was put in jeopardy when she began to experience menopausal hot flushes. Experiencing up to forty a day, they took over her life, and made it impossible for her to perform on stage. In a new infomercial, she has described how the LadyCare Menopause product transformed her life and saved her career literally overnight.

“I remember being on stage the first song, all of a sudden I could feel it. It’s like a train coming, I was just like, ‘oh no, not right now’,” Belinda recalls in the interview for LadyCare Menopause, “and it would just… bang. It happened and I would be drenched, and it was humiliating.”

Unwilling to undertake HRT, she asked the advice of pre-eminent medical specialist Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS MRCP PhD, she was recommended the LadyCare product as a natural menopause treatment. She was skeptical at first, until she tried the product and discovered it was effective literally overnight.

“I went from 40 hot flushes to zero in one day!” she explained, “It worked immediately.”

The interview is part of an infomercial for the LadyCare Menopause product, which has been proven to reduce and eliminate symptoms of menopause in 71% of women without the need to resort to hormone replacement therapy.

A spokesperson for LadyCare explained, “We were thrilled to discover our product had been featured last week in the Daily Mail, and now we are able to release the infomercial to a worldwide audience it’s clear that our product has been taken to the next level purely through its effectiveness. With supervised medical trials forming an essential part of its development, it’s no surprise to us that the product is effective, but the real surprise has been the worldwide hunger for the product as an answer to symptoms that other therapies have yet been able to address so effectively.”

About LadyCare: Discovered almost 8 years ago, LadyCare Lifetime Ltd is a British manufacturer, LadyCare is sold globally, and manufactured to outstanding quality in their dedicated production facility in Bristol, UK. All LadyCare Lifetime trials are conducted under strict medical supervision by Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP from the Chiron Clinic, Harley Street.

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