L. Ron Hubbard’s Educational Legacy Celebrated at Church of Scientology’s National Affairs Office in Washington, DC

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Learning how to learn and the importance of Hubbard’s Study Technology featured at celebration event

The Church of Scientology National Affairs Office in Washington, DC, recently hosted an event to honor L. Ron Hubbard’s remarkable contributions to the field of education. Held at the historic Fraser Mansion venue, the evening commenced with a buffet dinner, fostering dialogue among attendees from various backgrounds and affiliations.

The event attracted a diverse local and national audience from the Washington, DC, area, reflecting the broad interest in Hubbard's educational principles and their application in modern society.

Beth Akiyama, Executive Director of the National Affairs Office, opened the evening’s program with an introduction to the office's mission and objectives, which set the stage for a thoughtful exploration of Hubbard's educational legacy.

Chelsea Uzarowski, Executive Director of the historic L. Ron Hubbard house museum delivered a compelling address highlighting Hubbard's pioneering work in education and his significant ties to the nation's capital. Uzarowski elucidated Hubbard's groundbreaking teaching experience in Guam, where he empowered young minds with knowledge previously incomprehensible to them, successfully introducing issues such as urbanization and technological advancement. https://www.lronhubbard.org/landmark-sites/dc.html

Matt Robinson, businessman, educator, and President of Criminon New Life DC, shared a personal testament to the efficacy of Hubbard's Study Technology. Robinson recounted his life’s diverse journey including rehabilitating incarcerated individuals, being an African-American executive at IBM, and now a respected financial advisor, attributing his successes to the practical application of Mr. Hubbard’s Study Technology in his life. Robinson also highlighted his 18-year tenure as the executive director of a Washington, DC, community-based learning and tutoring program that delivered L. Ron Hubbard Study Technology to thousands of Northeast and Southeast Washington, DC, public school system students; and to the college students at Georgetown University, George Washington University, and Howard University. He emphasized the critical role of literacy in navigating complex financial landscapes, underscoring the importance of learning and using the Study Technology tools of L. Ron Hubbard in empowering individuals and preventing social disenfranchisement, no matter the person’s age or role in life.

Educator Cynthia McIver shared her transformative experience with Study Technology, recounting how it reignited her passion for teaching and revitalized her career in education. Her testimony underscored the profound impact Hubbard's educational methodologies can have on educators themselves, reaffirming their commitment to nurturing young minds.

Closing out the evening’s program, community development specialist Caren Kirkland and her granddaughter who is a student at the University of District of Columbia (UDC) provided a poignant account of their journey with Study Technology, illustrating its transformative power in enhancing academic performance and fostering lifelong learning skills. Their narrative underscored Hubbard's vision of education as a catalyst for personal and societal transformation.

Reflecting on the event, one attendee remarked, "If we don’t have learning, then we have people who can’t do anything and turn to crime. Thus, study is the most important thing in life."

Another attendee added, “I had no idea how important learning and study are in life and how having the correct tools to learn a subject in order to apply it successfully can transform our educational system and perhaps be a solution to our youth turning to crime.”

The event concluded with a renewed commitment to advancing Hubbard's educational legacy and empowering individuals through knowledge and literacy.

Mr. Matt Robinson discussing how being able to study and learn affects all aspects of one’s life

About Us: The Church of Scientology National Affairs Office represents the Church in the Nation's Capital and works with many organizations to improve human rights, criminal law reform, drug education, and religious freedom internationally.

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