KWAME BAAH Launches on Kickstarter

Company Partners with Funded Today

KWAME BAAH has just launched on Kickstarter. They have brought on Funded Today to help bring their product to a wider audience and increase pledges for the duration of the campaign.


KWAME BAAH introduces the collection ethical and exquisite handcrafted footwear from Ghana to empower artisans in Ghana through Christ centered training.

These are elastic for easy slip-on and have and have a double memory foam rubber sole for maximum comfort.
They also have hand braided high-grade Italian upholstery leather top and a hand stitched sole to upper.
The footwear Kente is made of weaving cotton thread in a loom. It is a very expensive cloth and for many centuries it was mainly worn by royals. Every color has a meaning such as black for maturation, blue for peacefulness and love, green for vegetation, gold for royalty, etc.

There is a collection of low and high cut leather: The low cut leather collection comes in Kwame-Asempa and Asempa black leather as well as brown leather, and in Yedikunim and Yaw-Asempa. And the high cut leather collection comes in Adomaba and Eyapapa black and brown.

Nevertheless, a low and high cut vegan collection is being also produced. Ampa Akwaaba, Meniati and Safowaa, Maakye and Maahye, Famami and Medaasi, Obaayaa, and Abrantea styles.

Pricing and Availability

KWAME BAAH is available to back now on Kickstarter. They are hopeful to see an increase in pledges with the help of Funded Today and their team. Once the campaign ends, the products are set to produce and ship to all backers by November 2019. The starting price for one Kwame Baah leather cuff is $15 USD and for one pair of vegan sneaker is $38 USD.

To learn more about KWAME BAAH or to back the campaign, visit their page here.

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