KWA Performance Industries Adds At-Home Gun Safety Training With Airsoft Kits

Learning how to handle firearms or honing competitive shooting skills has been difficult to accomplish recently given the restrictions stemming from the COVID-19 epidemic. KWA Performance has developed an at-home safety training kit for safely practicing shooting techniques at home.

Gun safety is of major concern to many around the United States, and more first time owners are looking at their options in regards to learning how to handle guns. But, with the COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s harder than ever for new owners or even competitive shooters to get the gun training and practice that they need.

KWA Performance Industries, an international company that focuses on airsoft guns and gun training, has been adjusting their curriculum and methods of training throughout the pandemic. One of their newest innovations for gun owners is their new, at home training kits.

KWA is building on its experience in the Airsoft industry in order to connect with first time owners and other gun owners who may be looking for some help in learning how to handle their guns safely. Their series of Professional Training Pistols replicate the weight and feel of the real guns they mimic.

The KWA website shares their intention for the at-home training, stating that those who purchase the kits can “Practice sight alignment, weapon handling, transition drills, proper grip technique, and even basic target practice with safe and easy-to-use airsoft pistols.”

These kits actually contain an Airsoft pistol that has been developed by the team at KWA. These pistols are, essentially, the same size and shape as any sort of pistol that a gun owner may be trying to utilize. By starting off with an Airsoft gun, it ensures that first time owners are at lower risk. The Airsoft pistol models that individuals can choose from include the KWA ATP-LE, ATP-C, M9, M9 Tactical, and their entire line of 1911 options.

The kits also contain biodegradable BB’s (which KWA states are part of their commitment to environmental friendliness), Green Gas (which is used to propel the BB’s from the gun), and several aluminum targets. These are designed to allow gun owners to put together a miniature shooting range in their own back yard, allowing them to become comfortable with using weaponry in this fashion.

A broad range of shooting exercises can be performed with these Airsoft guns, including point-of-aim and point-of-impact using different distances. This feature alone sets the KWA kits apart from others as shooters can practice and perfect their skills regardless of the amount of space they have.

KWA Performance Industries is an industry leader in the sales and training around using Airsoft guns. On top of that, they also provide training solutions for safe gun handling and use. On a regular basis, they provide services to law enforcement, government agencies, and individual gun owners. More information about KWA Performance Industries can be found at their website,

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