Kurt’s Rubbish Removal Vows to Heighten Recycling Effort in Solving Sydney’s Surging Curbside Rubbish

Local Sydney rubbish removal company vowed to heighten its recycling effort to solve the curbside rubbish issues in the region.

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Sydney, Australia— Kurt’s Rubbish Removal in its public statement today said the company vowed to heighten its recycling effort to solve the curbside rubbish issues in the region. With the continuous surges of curbside rubbish across Sydney, the company devised strategic and concrete plans to recycle all its collected curbside wastes and junk.

In 2014-2015, NSW generated 3.69 tonnes of domestic wastes— where an average household produces 24.2 kg or 9.4 kg per person. The recycled portion of these wastes were only 1.77 million tonnes from the domestic curbside, clean-up and drop-off services. Despite the NSW government’s ‘Waste Less, Recycle More’ initiative, issues on curbside rubbish continues to escalate.

Recently, the Australian government planned to divert a whopping 10 million tonnes of wastes from landfill sites. To meet such a goal, the government will need the support of rubbish collection services to turn such realisations into an actual outcome. As a response, Kurt’s Rubbish Removal takes the government’s call into action by heightening its recycling effort in all its curbside rubbish collection across the Sydney region.

In the latest statement of the company’s founder, Kurt said that the enterprise devised a comprehensive method on how to recycle most of its collected curbside rubbish. “The first thing we did was to invest in the latest machinery in hauling and collecting piles of curbside rubbish in Sydney. We have the training and created concrete plans on how to recycle most of the rubbish we remove—that’s by donating, repurposing and transporting recyclables in drop-off centres. We make sure to sort each curbside rubbish carefully to ensure that all of it will end up in recycling facilities.”

“Despite the government’s effort to strengthen recycling activities, companies such as Kurt’s Rubbish Removal play a pivotal role to make recycling effort into reality. With our dedication to boost our recycling efforts, our expert removers are positive that we can solve the surging curbside rubbish issue. We created a strong partnership with the vast network of recycling facilities across the Sydney region to divert more wastes from our overladen landfills,” he added.

Kurt’s Rubbish Removal, with 20 years of excellent track record, offers comprehensive, safe and eco-friendly services across all industries in the Sydney region. Aside from its affordable and highly efficient services, the company never gets tired of promoting environmental sustainability with all its rubbish removal services. With the effort to recycle more, the company gears the wheel towards an initiative to combat the escalating curbside rubbish in all sectors.

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