KTByte Computer Science Academy Provides Live Web-Conference Classes For Pre-College Students Around The World

KTByte Computer Science Academy delivers exceptional LIVE web-conference classes to benefit pre-college students worldwide.

KTByte Computer Science Academy promises LIVE Computer Science classes to benefit pre-college students. At KTByte Computer Science Academy, students study REAL computer science – the systematic representation and processing of information beginning with Intro Java, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms, all content comparable to college level computer science core curriculum – paced and engaging for most students age 13 and above.

KTByte's Live Computer Science Academy offers three levels of LIVE Computer Science classes:

1) Fundamentals for students aged 8-12 who are interested in or simply curious about computer science. Fundamentals promises an excellent introduction which includes computing and application skills.

2) Computer Science Classes for students aged 13 and above provides introduction and AP level classes.

3) AI, USACO for advanced students who want to prepare for independent research projects or computer science competitions like the USA Computing Olympiad.

The Computer Science Academy serves students who are excited about computer science classes as well as those who are preparing for AP Computer Science, independent research, Science Fairs, National Competitions, or who want to present exceptional college applications. Instructors are all Ivy League graduates with years of industry experience who have designed and developed the KTByte award winning platform. KTByte students regularly place in national competitions like USACO and research programs including MIT Primes.

“At KTByte Computer Science Academy, our goal is to encourage students’ excitement about computer science by delivering comprehensive topics and exploration of particular languages of interest to the students. We follow with projects that allow immediate application of the material covered as well as independent study which the students love!” – KTByte Computer Science Academy

About KTByte Computer Science Academy: KTByte Computer Science Academy provides live computer science classes to pre-college students delivered by full-time industry expert instructors. In addition, KTByte offers free trials and free self-guided courses, as well as automated tutorial content in Java. KTByte teaches students from age eight to high school with their proprietary curricula, designed by the team of instructors, ranging from introductory classes to advanced algorithms to data structures to machine learning techniques.

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