Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising Launches Campaign to Help Reinvent Outdoor Ads has launched a campaign to help brands boost their marketing efforts with unique, innovative outdoor advertising solutions

It is estimated that the average person is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements each day. All this “noise” leads to many of these marketing efforts being immediately forgotten or overlooked completely. Unfortunately, this isn’t a trend that is set to stop anytime soon, which leaves brands with the duty of finding new ways to reach customers and drive results.

In an effort to help brands overcome all this clutter, and make a lasting impression on consumers, Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising has launched a campaign to provide more effective, innovative outdoor advertising options for companies.

“At Kre8 we want to become your partner to navigate the world of outdoor advertising,” stated company representative Christine Kiely. “Our goal is to ensure each of our clients are seen and remembered. We offer a wide array of outdoor advertising options, including Las Vegas mobile billboards, digital marquee displays and more.”

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the biggest and brightest advertising meccas in the U.S., which means standing out without a targeted and well thought out plan is virtually impossible. When it comes to Las Vegas advertising, no company is better equipped to meet the needs of modern brands than Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising.

“We offer digital mobile billboard displays that truly represent the wave of the future,” continued Kiely. “We have over 35 static mobile billboard trucks, which ensure your billboard is seen and remembered by as many eyes as possible. We offer services that get real, measurable results. You don’t have to guess when you hire us to create your Las Vegas Billboards messages.”

At Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising, clients receive the benefits of the company’s four self-imposed standards that accompany each campaign ran. The company provides simple, effective solutions that achieve more than anything other marketing and advertising companies are able to achieve. Learn more about the services offered at the company website.


Kre8 Media Outdoor Advertising is a unique advertising company dedicated to providing clients with innovative solutions for their marketing needs. Located in Las Vegas, NV, the company was founded in 2012 by two enterprising and experienced outdoor/business professionals who had a dedication to providing superior customer service and ensuring desired results were achieved. Today, the company is made up of more than 250 hardworking, dedicated and loyal team members.

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