Korean Cosmetic Surgeon in Australia Discusses Latest Trends in Asian Cosmetic Surgery

With the increasing demand of Asian cosmetic surgeries, cosmetic surgeons all over the world have improved their techniques in performing double eyelid surgery.

Australia – Double eyelid surgery is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries requested by Asians and remains to be so even today.

A number of Asians are seeing a monotony in their eyelids that they long for a particular definition to enhance this primary feature. Fortunately for them surgical cosmetic experts have come up with blepharoplasty, which is a procedure that creates a secondary crease to the eyelids by removing excess fat and skin and reposition what remains to fashion a crease.

Since Asians are the largest demographic when it comes to this procedure, it is only right that experts come up with an approach suited for their specific features. This resulted to the introduction of Asian double eyelid surgery.

Dr. Ahnsup Kim of the Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery developed his own technique in creating the right form and height of the lids as he based this in a certain variables that are unique to each patient. Dr. Kim realizes the importance of personalizing each approach to make sure that the surgery does not westernize the Asian eyelid but rather improve it.

Dr. Kim says that Asian double eyelid surgery is considered to be an ambulatory procedure that is done under local anesthesia. Dr Kim use incisional double eyelid surgery to achieve the change in the epicanthal fold while also maintaining that Asian feature.

With the use of incision, the surgeons are able to create a more precise placement of the eyelid folds. This technique enables the surgeon to gain better control over the fat deposits of the upper eyelids, excess muscle as well as surplus of upper eyelid skin.

However, due to the invasiveness of the procedure this takes more time to heal, and it has the high tendency to create a conspicuous scar that may be irreversible. Thus, it is important that you consult a surgeon who is expert on such field.

Dr Kim pointed out that each surgeon has their own approaches to correct the problem. And to make sure that you will get the look that you want, always ask for before and after photos. In addition, Dr Kim says that by choosing a reputable and qualified practice, patients can attain surgical results that meet their aesthetic goals.

Today, double eyelid surgery remains to be the most requested procedure by Asians. With the improvement in techniques and the expert’s increasing knowledge on the procedure, it continuously earned impressive success ratings.

However, with the latest trend Asians are backlashed for abandoning their Asian roots by changing that very feature that defines them – their eyes. Tyra Banks once even expressed dismay on her talk show concerning the westernization of the Asian feature. It implied that Asians are turning their backs or are not proud of how they look.

But those who have had it done explained that Asian double eyelid surgery may give them a change in their palpebral form but it does not deviate from their Asian features.

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