Korea Contents Week makes open to the public a video through which five kinds of attractions of Korea can be felt.

Korea Contents Week makes open to the public all of the five kinds of the videos!

The Korea Contents Week, which is the representative brand that publicizes the Korean culture to the whole world, had intensively introduced the multifarious Korean culture at the main footholds in the whole world. And, at the same time, it had made open to the public the five kinds of the representative video contents, which can be enjoyed at any time and at any place, through the YouTube.

From October in the last year, by having the K-POP star Chun, So-mi as the PR Ambassador, the Overseas Korean Cultural Centers in 7 countries, including L.A. in the United States, France, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam, and Belgium, and the Korea Contents Week, which has been introducing the Korean culture online, have been introducing the diverse Korean cultural contents and events by dividing into the four sections of , , , and .

The representative video of the Korea Contents Week, which had been made open to the public consecutively through the section during the one month of February, has been delivering the attractiveness of Korea that is contained in the five kinds of the topics of smartness, breath, life, spirit, and dream that express about Korea and the Koreans through a sensitive and implicit video to the whole world.

The art film ‘Breath’, in which the breathing of a little master craftsman is contained intact at the ends of the hands, is a video that had sublimated Korea’s characteristic craftsman spirit and the works of art that were born at the ends of the hands of the master craftsman to yet another art called “dance”, the Korean traditional clothes designer Kim, Dan-ha, the Geumbakjang (gold leaf imprinter) Kim, Gi-ho, who is the national, intangible, cultural asset no.119, the fan maker Kim, Dong-shik, who is the national, intangible, cultural asset no.128, and Hyo Yeon of Girl’s Generation appear.

‘Spirit’, to which the subtitle of ‘The river of all things that flows within a writing’ is attached, shows the appearance of the rebirth of the literature of Korea as K-POP through the Korean writing and the image of Seoul. And the beautiful lyrics of the hiphop rapper Han, Hae, who received the inspiration from the poems of the poet Kim, Yeong-rang are delivered.

‘Smartness’, which is a fantasy video which seems like one is reading one mysterious children’s story, had expressed symbolically by combining the Korean beauty with the traditional culture. And Song, Hae-na, who is a representative model of Korea, had appeared as a heavenly fairy. It portrays the birth of a white light story.

With a Korean, traditional house as the background, while making the tea culture of Korea and the traditional desserts of Korea appear, the healing film ‘Life’, which portrays the invitation to a journey that is contained above a dish, is a video which makes the eyes and the ears happy that contains the attitude of the ancestors who had intended to find the meaning from the flow of nature and the ordinary everyday life as the warm images.

Also, ‘dream’, which shows the combination of the K-webtoons, which are the next generation Korean Waves contents that hit the whole world hard and taekwondo, which is the traditional martial arts of Korea, it creates the warmth as if seeing one growth drama.

The Korea Contents Week is planning to provide the online contents and the events of the Korean culture which can be enjoyed by the people of the whole world continuously through the homepage (http://kocoweek.com/en).

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