Kommunitas, A Decentralized, Tier-less & Multi-chain Launchpad, Revolutionizes Crypto Fundraising

The top crypto launchpad has so far raised more than $2.5 million for 45 projects across various blockchain networks. Kommunitas’ tier-less system for calculating token sale allocation serves as one of its top features.

Kommunitas has stepped up efforts to revolutionize crypto fundraising through its decentralized, tier-less, and multi-chain launchpad, making a solid mark in the industry. 

“The world has seen a tremendous spike in public interest towards cryptocurrencies and blockchains. This pushed many individuals to turn their innovative ideas into actual projects in the industry. However, one of the hurdles of turning such an idea into fruition is acquiring the funds needed to kick-start the development. That is where launchpads come in,” says Robby Jeo, the company Chief Executive Officer.

By conducting Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), Robby Jeo says launchpads can sell tokens to individual investors pre-listing, hence helping projects raise funds by bridging them to individual investors.

Kommunitas, one of the crypto launchpads making headway in the industry, is a decentralized, tier-less, and multi-chain launchpad built on Polygon. The platform is leading the way in bridging the world to the largest project on cryptocurrency. The launchpad has disrupted the concept of tiers by offering the possibility to everyone to be eligible for a guaranteed allocation, no matter how many tokens are held.

Robby Jeo says Kommunitas has raised more than $2.5 million for 45 projects across various blockchain networks. In addition, the top crypto launchpad has earned a massive following so far. It has a total of 18 regional communities, over 100,000 members on Telegram, over 140,000 followers on Twitter, and connections with 100 VCs, 80+ KOLs, and 50+ community partners from across the globe.

One of the top features of Kommunitas is its tier-less system for calculating token sale allocation. Anyone who stakes a minimum of 100 $KOM ($0.4 at the time of writing) will get a guaranteed allocation proportional to the amount of $KOM they stake. 

This is a stark contrast with other launchpads that require a minimum holding amount to be eligible for token sales. Kommunitas provides a launchpad comparison and allocation calculator on its main page, which users can utilize to calculate the estimated allocation or compare Kommunitas to other launchpads. 

Meanwhile, Kommunitas has recently announced a supply reduction of their token, $KOM. The max supply of $KOM was reduced from 40 billion down to 2 billion, with a current circulating supply of 1.16 billion. This means that most of the max supply is already in circulation. 

Kommunitas has also created a calendar where users can pick the events they want to be reminded of, such as Public Sales, Private Sales, Vesting, Airdrops, AMAs, etc. 

“We also have added a new addition titled ‘KOM Portfolio Event’ where we will share events related to projects in Kommunitas’ portfolio, such as staking, farming, main net launch, and giveaways, all in a single location,” said Robby Jeo.

Apart from being a crypto launchpad, Kommunitas also serves as a one-stop solution for project owners seeking to raise funds and get exposure to several regional crypto communities across the globe.  

Those who want to get started in turning their ideas and concepts into reality may contact the team right away. Others who wish to learn more about Kommunitas may visit their website and socials for more information. 

Contact Info:
Name: Robby Jeo
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Organization: Kommunitas
Address: Indonesia
Website: https://www.kommunitas.net

Release ID: 89064497