Knit Like Granny Publishes New Guide on User Search Statistics Uncovered from Leading Yarn Database Ravelry

The statistics will help users understand the ecosystem and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Knit Like Granny, a leading online resource for knitting enthusiasts, has published a new guide titled "Ravelry Reveals! 79+ Statistics, Insights, Trends, Stats for 2023." In this guide, they share user search statistics uncovered from the well-known yarn database Ravelry. According to Similarweb, Ravelry received 18.3 million unique visits as of January 2023 and has an average monthly traffic of 1.1 million. The platform offers a searchable database tool, a marketplace for fiber arts-related items, and social networking capabilities.

Ravelry is also a well-known resource for crocheters and knitters to find inspiration by sharing their projects and engaging with the community. Users utilize it to identify opportunities in marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy.

The guide uncovers various topics related to user search and forum statistics based on millions of searches from knitters worldwide. It identifies the top stitching projects and the most frequently searched-for patterns. Jodie Morgan, the owner of the site and a veteran of the industry for over four decades, also answers frequently asked questions.

Speaking to the media, Jodie Morgan said, "By analyzing the search data available on Ravelry, users can gain valuable insights into the knitting industry. Readers can learn about different trends and identify fiber-related opportunities they can capitalize on. I have been working on this topic for some time after receiving requests from readers. The analysis also incorporates charts to present information in a more easily digestible format."

According to the guide, as of January 2023, there were an astonishing 11 million Ravelry users. The site experienced a 40% growth increase from August 2022 to January 2023. The guide also provides information on Ravelry users by country, with the United States having the highest number of users at 570,108. Nordic countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand, were also very active on the site.

Moreover, users worked on over 1.3 million projects in 2022. The top project categories included sweaters with 151,458 patterns, followed by hats with 98,170 patterns, and shawls with 64,184 patterns.

The guide is available for free on the Knit Like Granny website, along with other helpful reports and tutorials. You can access it at

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