KLUS Announces New LED Lighting Extrusions & Accessories

LED Lighting extrusions allow flexible LED strips to be integrated or installed into everyday living spaces.

KLUS Design is a manufacturer of LED lighting extrusion designs and component systems that allow flexible LED circuits into everyday living spaces. For over 10 years, KLUS has been at the forefront of LED lighting technology, developing new designs and component systems for both residential and commercial lighting applications.

KLUS recently announced the addition of six new LED lighting products.

1. POR Extrusion
The POR LED lighting extrusion has a shape that provides an ideal solution for decorative lighting mounted in railings or handrails both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor applications POR fixture can be sealed and assembled with waterproof LED's to achieve an IP67 rating. Holes should be drilled in the railings to allow water to drain. The extrusion is made from high quality, double-anodized aluminum and designed for flexible or rigid LED light strips that are 8 – 12mm wide.

2. OBIT Extrusion
The new OBIT LED lighting fixture can serve applications such as decorative light for interiors, illumination for walkways and stairs, as well as discrete illumination of halls, lobbies and conference rooms. If hidden, LED strips give a soft reflected light and do not cause glare. The fixture can achieve different levels of light density and dispersion by using different covers, diffusers and reflective surfaces.

3. POLI Extrusion
This LED extrusion can be used to illuminate of niches, ceiling coves and walls. One of the advantages of this new extrusion is that it can be mounted in spots that are not accessible with mounting tools. This LED extrusion and its mounting brackets enable smooth light angle regulation up to 90 degrees. The extrusion is snapped into the mounting bracket which is designed in a way that the chosen light angle can be locked into a set position.

4. Metalized End Caps for: Micro Extrusion, PDS4 extrusion, Lokom and Larko LED extrusions.
These new end caps are coated in a thin layer of metal, which offer a much better finish than plastic. In addition, these end caps do not allow any light transmittance.

5. GIP Mounting bracket
The new GIP mounting bracket is designated for mounting architectural extrusions (GIP, GIZA, LIPOD). Mounting of the extrusion itself is done by snapping it into the bracket. Removing extrusion from the mounting bracket can be done for example by levering the extrusion with a flat-blade screwdriver.

6. POLI Mounting bracket
The new POLI mounting brackets are made of polystyrene which allows them to be glued to different surfaces using a wide variety off adhesives available on the market. They can also be painted. The control of the light beam angle can be performed within a range of 90 degrees.

Marketing manager Zofi Stebnicki commented on the new products. "Here at KLUS, we put a lot of resources into developing new designs and component systems based on market research and customer feedback. We are excited to announce these new products. They represent a higher level of lighting performance and ease of installation."

Currently KLUS has limited openings for product distributors and or representatives. For more information on becoming an authorized representative or distributor, please call: 772-321-2260

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