Klein USA Responds to Office Design Trends with New Frameless Glass Wall System

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Klein USA’s new Panoramic System offers businesses the ultimate flexibility in office design without sacrificing aesthetics. Interchangeable recessed tracks, thicker glass, and other trendsetting features make Panoramic the frameless glass wall system to keep an eye on in this time of office design evolution.

As more companies embrace open office plan designs with a demand for functionality, flexibility and beauty, sustainable frameless glass wall systems like that of Klein, USA, are playing a more vital role.

Klein USA, developer of interior sliding glass door systems, announces its newest product in its highly successful line: Panoramic. The Panoramic System of sliding glass doors makes life a little easier, with an interchangeable track system, better-designed doors, and the ability to change space configurations quickly and easily.

Panoramic offers maximum flexibility for designers to create the office space their clients are looking for. Exciting features include:

Ability to install a variety of door types on one track size, allowing for adaptability and functionality while still meeting code regulations.

Adaptability for clients to change their office design configuration without disassembling the upper track.

Options to recess the upper and lower tracks so the doors or partitions flow into other design elements, all without a visual break. Other frameless glass companies have a partition glass system with pivot doors. When they want to add sliding or biparting doors, they have to install a different track, creating a less attractive effect.

Maximum design capabilities for high-end offices, including 90-degree glass return and T glass junctions.

The Panoramic Frameless Glass Wall System helps create the ultimate open floor pan: clean and simple lines, a fluid look due to the frameless glass fronts, more light, and better views. Its ability to integrate seamlessly is unmatched, with movable walls that can be used for transitional spaces – private meetings or open conferences. Moreover, architects will be able to change their office designs by easily moving the glass panels to create a new configuration.

Klein National Sales Director Tim Mayhew commented, “The Panoramic System was designed with flexibility in mind. The office you need today may not necessarily be the office you need tomorrow. By designing an adaptable product line with a number of customizable features, we give the freedom of design back to not only the designers, but the clients as well. Layout, privacy and door locations are just some of the features that can be easily changed as special requirements evolve.”

Other advantages of the Panoramic system that give designers more freedom to embrace open-space office design trends include:
• Recessed upper and lower track
• Thicker fixed and sliding glass options (1/2” and 5/8” fixed glass options)
• No need for vertical mullions or supports
• Door adjustment for unleveled floors
• Glass removal without demolition required, for both fixed and sliding glass

Panoramic will also help companies seeking LEED Certification and sustainable design.

With the Panoramic System, businesses can create the exact set-up they always wanted with contemporary, stylish, fixed, and sliding glass panels. Separation is no longer the focus, but rather a tool for optimal communication and interaction between users, providing them with comfort, beauty, and functionality.

Klein USA, Inc. is a global leader in high-quality interior sliding glass door systems uniquely designed to provide the A&D industry with the most innovative solutions, enhancing both space and light sharing. Use of Klein’s frameless top-hung glass doors imparts a clean, modern look to any commercial application.

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Name: Tim Mayhew
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Organization: Klein USA, Inc.
Address: 1 Madison Avenue, East Rutherford, NJ 07073