Klamboe Collection Hits United States Market with its Line of Premium Mosquito Nets

Klamboe Collection introduces its sophisticated mosquito bed nets in United States thereby disrupting the mosquito bed net market. These quality nets fabricated from quality polyester mesh, cotton materials and sustainable bamboo fabrics offer users optimal protection against mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases.

Klamboe Collection Hits United States Market with its Line of Premium Mosquito Nets

Klamboe Collection a Netherlands based bed netting company has disrupted the United States mosquito net market by the introduction of its decorative, high quality and eco-friendly line of mosquito nets designed for children and adults as well as family king sized bedrooms. Klamboe Collection was established with the primary aim of fabricating the best quality, durable and fascinating line of mosquito bed nets using the most reliable, environmentally friendly, and world class quality materials.

In the bid to achieve this laudable aim and offer clients the best line of mosquito nets in the market, Klamboe sources for the most sophisticated components ranging from high density 72 denier polyester mesh to organic and sustainable bamboo fabrics as well as high quality 100 percent cotton materials. After gathering the materials, the superior mosquito control nets are carefully designed using a perfect blend of talent, craftsmanship and the most cutting edge equipment leading to their stylish and decorative shapes which add to the ambience of the bedrooms.

“We fabricate our mosquito nets for beds bearing in mind the specific needs of people living in areas that have a high mosquito population and want to keep their bedrooms bug-free thereby enjoying sound and relaxing sleep” stated Saskia van Vollenhoven, the creative director of Klamboe Collection. “Our high quality mosquito nets which also come in canopy shapes are made with natural anti-bacterial components which offer our clients a healthier, breathable and more eco-friendly option than the existing brands designed with synthetic materials”.

Klamboe Collection has earned a standing reputation in the successful fabrication and delivery of optimum, colourful and environmentally friendly line of mosquito nets to its clients leading to their satisfaction, positive feedbacks and referrals. The team at Klamboe Collection takes pride in offering its clients the best services coupled with a line of elegant and high quality mosquito nets that are not only useful for warding off mosquitoes and other small insects but can be used for indoor decoration.

“Our high quality bamboo based mosquito nets offer users the best protection against mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika and Chikungunya” stated Edwin Van Hellenberg Hubar founder of Klamboe Collection. “Our mosquito nets are exclusively and professionally tailored with superior run-proof weaves from a variety of materials in many attractive colors and convenient sizes. We are committed and dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive durable and affordable mosquito nets that are healthier and provide ecologically-friendly way of protecting yourself, your family and the environment”.

For more information about the Klamboe line of mosquito nets visit www.mosquitonetcollection.com

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