Kitease Launches Redesigned Site and Video Review Program

With a fresh look and responsive, mobile-friendly design, new website arrives just in time to serve as launch pad for first video range hood review, now available on YouTube, Kitease reports

Kitease, one of the Internet's leading authorities on range hoods and other kitchen equipment, has launched a new site, a new video review initiative, and a number of new reviews here in recent weeks. With the Kitease audience having grown greatly since the site's 2013 introduction, the owners recently commissioned a more modern and attractive design that has now gone online. At the same time, Kitease editors have begun turning out video-based reviews of some of the most popular products, as with a brand new akdy range hood review that is making waves on YouTube. Between the new site and the new video review initiative, Kitease fans have plenty of new developments to enjoy alongside a steadily growing collection of traditional reviews, articles and unique features like the site's pioneering CFM calculator.

"It's been an incredibly exciting year for us so far, and things are just getting started," said Kitease representative Claude M. Gipson, "Between launching our beautiful new website and releasing our very first video review to the world just the other day, we've been extremely busy making Kitease an even more useful and authoritative resource. We founded Kitease with a focus on reviewing the products that our readers were most interested in, and these new updates are the result of listening to fan feedback, as well. As always, Kitease users can continue to count on the reliable, practical reviews of range hoods and other products that have allowed us to grow so quickly."

When shopping to equip a kitchen, some homeowners make the mistake of focusing too intently on items that will matter relatively little later on, often giving short shrift to others that will more greatly impact their domestic lives further down the road. With plenty of experience of their own with kitchen products and design, for example, the founders of Kitease noticed that many homeowners overlooked the importance of high-quality range hoods, often relegating them essentially to afterthought status.

In 2013, they launched a brand new site designed to help correct that common mistake while also allowing readers to "Shop with Ease." Targeting an important niche that had formerly gone unserved, the site founders quickly built up a peerless collection of reliable, unbiased range hood reviews, attracting an appreciative and steadily growing audience as they did so.

Along the way, kitease branched out in equally fruitful directions of other kinds, with the editors always looking for new ways to better connect with and serve their readers. The introduction of the site's CFM calculator at, for example, was a world-first achievement that quickly became a mainstay for those shopping for range hoods.

With a pair of major new developments of other sorts already in place this year, Kitease continues to grow and evolve in ways that will ensure its continued relevance, authority, and value for a long time to come. The attractive new Kitease website is now online, with a responsive, mobile-friendly design making it just as accessible on smartphones as from computers. The new Kitease video review initiative has already produced results in the form of a well-received new piece hosted on YouTube, with more to come in the near future.

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Helping visitors Shop with Ease and enjoy their homes more, Kitease provides reliable, to-the-point reviews of range hoods and other kitchen equipment and devices.

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