KitchenAid Mixer DEALS with up to $230 off Cyber Monday Sales Revealed

Cyber Week DEALS on KitchenAid Artisan, Professional Series and Classic Plus Stand Mixers Published

Among the many brands of stand mixers available in the market, KitchenAid takes the top spot as the most popular brand of kitchen mixers among US households. However, they are not the cheapest of mixers and that’s why holiday shoppers anxiously look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get their hands on a good KitchenAid mixer deal.

These Cyber Monday KitchenAid DEALS with up to $230 Markdowns show how to save over $200 on a KitchenAid Artisan or a Professional series mixer.

“These are the biggest markdowns we’ve seen this year and the prices can only go up from here” warns Linda Sharp, a co-author of the above reviews.

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In addition to providing information on KitchenAid mixer deals, they also provide information about how to select a suitable stand mixer. “If you’re new to the whole stand mixer thing, first you need to decide if you want a bowl-lift mixer or a tilt-head mixer and then decide if you want a Classic Plus, Artisan, Professional 5 Plus or a Professional 600 series mixer. This is not an easy decision to make” emphasizes Sharp.

Of the various decisions that need to be made, deciding between a KitchenAid Classic and Classic Plus is one of the easiest to make. That is because almost every aspect on the Classic Plus is better than that of the Classic, yet they cost around the same making it a no brainer to go with a Classic Plus. The KA Classic Plus will satisfy the needs of most US households. ”If you will only use your stand mixer for whipping eggs, mixing cake batter, and kneading one or two loaves of bread once in a while, a Classic Plus will be more than enough” says Sharp. However, from an aesthetics point of view, the Classic series comes in only a few colors. “In contrast, the Artisan comes in over 20 colors and that’s probably why it is such a popular model” she adds.

The decision on choosing between an Artisan and Professional series mixer is a much more difficult one. There are many differences between the two models. Generally, professional series mixers are meant for heavier use and Classic and Artisan series are meant for lighter use. However, there can be exceptions to this rule.

KitchenAid Artisan vs Professional Series - 15 Crucial Differences is a must read for anyone not completely sure about which model of KitchenAid to go with. It compares the KA Artisan to the Professional 5 Plus and 600 mixers. It discusses 10 benefits of a Pro model compared to an Artisan such as (1) all-steel gear transmission which is more durable, (2) soft start feature which minimizes splatter, (3) commercial-style motor protection which enables automatic shutting down of the mixer when overload is detected and (4) built-in electronic speed sensor which continuously monitors mixer operation. “The above comparison is a much recommended read for anybody looking for KitchenAid Cyber Monday deals, not because it lists a bunch of discounts, but because it’s important to buy the right mixer irrespective of how big or small the price-cut is” elaborates Sharp.

“What makes the KA Cyber Monday deals even sweeter is the $50 rebate that is currently on offer. Do not forget to mail this in to get the maximum out of the current deals” emphasizes Sharp.

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