Kitchen & Stone's Surge of Renovation Projects Despite Housing Market Slowdown

Sydney continues to see an increase of interest in boosting home valuations through modern kitchen renovations.

Despite the slowdown in the housing market, Kitchen & Stone is experiencing a swift upsurge in kitchen renovation projects around Sydney. The high interest in renovations comes from homeowners seeking to invest in their old home to provide more value for potential home buyers. Modern kitchens and sleek bathrooms are seen to be pushing homes over the line to be sold.

Kitchen & Stone is preparing to onboard more team members in the coming months to cater towards the rising demand for modern kitchen renovations in Sydney. Western Sydney and Parramatta is an area that will need to be quickly filled up by the company with a big portion of their clients looking for top quality remodelling of existing outdated kitchens.

Homeowners are quickly beginning to realise the value of renovation projects in adding high-quality modern features such as embracing the benefits of a kitchen island or the luxury of a pull out kitchen faucet. These little yet convenient and modern aspects of the house is what formulates and becomes the secret selling-point for most homes.

Sydney homeowners are splashing out thousands of dollars on their bathroom and kitchen makeover to appeal to potential buyers and break into new markets. There is an emphasis on the importance in presenting a ‘new-like’ home. The kitchen is one of the main features of the house and if it isn’t presented in a ‘new-like’ condition, chances are, homebuyers will walk out and into another home that is much more appealing.

Kitchen & Stone spokesperson has commented saying , “There is a growing demand for kitchen renovations in Sydney. Even as the housing market is cooling down, people understand that home renovations can add a substantial amount of of value to their property. People want to invest in their home because there is a chance that it can help them smash the reserve prices. There are many home buyers who look for signs of ‘new’ things when they are looking to buy a house. This means that they won’t need to fork out money to fix up things. It also means they won’t need to go through the effort and trouble to getting it fixed up.”

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