Kirk Kirlin Of Kirlin Coaching To be Featured On CUTV News Radio

Noted Christian Coach to be featured in two part interview

Some folks hear the calling of God. Some folks pursue the path of ministry. One day some folks may find themselves in front of a congregation who desire spiritual leadership.

 Spiritual leaders are generally considered a good source when someone to talk with is needed. When spiritual leaders need someone to talk to, they talk to Kirk Kirlin.

Kirlin is the founder of Kirlin Coaching, where he serves as a coach for pastors of all denominations. Since 1987, Kirlin has walked with pastors as a catalytic change agent, coaching and mentoring pastors to be effective, influential leaders by focusing on their character.

“It’s my conviction that the most important sermon any minister preaches is the sermon they preach with their lives,” says Kirlin. “Without authenticity, people aren’t going to follow where you’re going. I work with pastors to build and strengthen their character so the person they portray on Sunday morning is the person they really are.”

Kirlin says it does the faith a great disservice when its leaders fail to be transparent and vulnerable for their people.

“Ministers kept suffering moral collapses,” recalls Kirlin. “In some cases, it was an abuse of power, or an abuse of money, or a sexual transgression, but every time one of those leaders suffers a moral collapse, the fallout is devastating. Hundreds of people scatter from the church and the faith.”

Kirlin pursued his current path after he heard the call to ministry. As a traveling businessman, he would befriend the pastor in the towns he’d visit by taking them to dinner.

“It can be lonely existence because people are constantly evaluating you,” says Kirlin. “There’s an assumption in the spiritual world that God is going to lay out the whole plan for you and you never have to take a risk. But if God laid the whole plan out for us, we wouldn’t have to trust Him. But we do. We have to trust God and leap.”

Today, Kirlin helps pastors examine if their decisions are aligned with their convictions.

“I can do ministry by addition or ministry through multiplication,” says Kirlin. “I want to invest in the lives of people who invest in the lives of others.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Kirk Kirlin in a two-part interview with Doug Llewelyn on November 4th at 4pm EST and with Jim Masters on November 11th at 4pm EST.

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