KINNECT Offers an Online Screening Tool to Support Businesses to Identify Employees at Risk of Psychological Injury

In two decades KINNECT has grown into Australia's largest privately-owned occupational health company. KINNECT’s latest innovation is an online screening tool to help businesses identify employees at risk of psychological harm at the workplace.

According to announcements released by KINNECT and Kevin Conlon (CEO & Managing Director), the established occupational health company has developed the RISc (Risk and Integrity Scale) screen, a new online tool to identify individuals in a company’s workforce who may be at higher risk of psychological harm.

With mental health becoming an increasing issue for employers, this easy-to-implement screening procedure has been designed as a simple and effective way to evaluate the psychological risk of a candidate entering the workforce or monitor current employees’ mental health.

Developed by KINNECT in collaboration with a lead Australian Psychiatrist and Psychologist, the Online Psychological RISc screen is specifically meant for use in a workplace setting. It is not intended to serve any diagnostic or clinical purposes.
The tool evaluates four key psychological characteristics pertinent to work; sociopathy, neuroticism, resilience, and integrity; and provides organisations with clear recommendations about an individual’s psychological fitness for work.
Designed to be taken on a smartphone or tablet, the test has 60 questions across four parts and takes between 10-15 minutes to complete.

The screening enables organisations to take the right steps to help actively manage and support employees’ mental health. In addition, it informs employers about prospective candidates with the psychological traits that are most suited to the position.
Kevin Conlon, Chief Executive of KINNECT explains: "When considering an individual's suitability for a proposed position, it is essential to understand the optimal psychological traits required for the role. For example, paramedics and police officers need to display high to very high degrees of resilience and integrity. Debt collectors should have a very high degree of resilience and low to moderate levels of sociopathy.

“Employees with certain psychological traits have more meaningful employment and are often at a lower risk of adverse psychological injuries. The RISc screen provides recruiters with useful information to match people to the right job role. It will also help employers to understand employees that may be more vulnerable to mental illness so that the right support can be put in place, preventing a mental health injury from happening in the first place."

Kevin Conlon, CEO and Managing Director of KINNECT said, “KINNECT’s unique value proposition is our understanding and appreciation of health risks and partnering with our clients to develop tailored solutions. KINNECT's Psychological RISc Screen will be a powerful tool for our clients that want to go even further to support to mental health and wellbeing of their workforce.”

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