Kimmy Couture Brand’s Hair Biotin Booster Serum Promotes Hair Growth, Keeps Hair Healthy and Strong

Keep them long or short, the allure of healthy, shining hair is essential to all great appearances.

Kimmy Couture Brand, the online apparel and fashion store, is pleased to make its contribution to keeping hair healthy and strong with the very special Kimmy Couture Brand Hair Biotin Booster Drops.

Biotin drops are easy to apply, by simply massaging the serum to wet or dry hair and using fingertips to gently massage them into the hair roots. The biotin serum removes dryness, and moisturizes the scalp, nourishing the hair to impart shine and a thicker appearance. The biotin serum is rich in proteins, and its amino acids and natural antioxidants and enzymes are friendly to the hair and help them restore their vitality and strength.

For those who need an expert’s opinion on what the biotin serum actually does, Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, a popular and foremost dermatologist who is the MD, of the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, offered insights into the working of the biotin serum.

According to Dr. Wilma, biotin is known to promote hair growth and repair hair damage and disorders. It helps the hair follicles revitalize, and is also known to make the nails stronger and thicker. Biotin is also available for oral use and is safe.

“Biotin’s main application is for treating alopecia or hair loss in men and women. It helps improve hair growth and reduces inflammation,” said Dr. Wilma.

The most significant factor contributing to hair loss and other problems with nails or skin is deficient nutrition. Dr. Wilma explains that low protein diets with missing essential vitamins were common with patients. People also need carbohydrates to make hormones and fat is essential for the brain.

The Collagen Peptides Powder infused with proteins is thus a great way to keep the body supplied with collagen and proteins. Free from gluten, flavorless, and supporting five collagen types, the Peptides power carries 7g of proteins per serving. The product is made from four different types of food sources (bovine, fish, chicken, and eggs) and is easy to mix and consume. The Peptides powder is hydrolyzed for better absorption and can be added to beverages, smoothies, sauces and other suitable liquids.

The reasons for hair loss are many, including systemic factors. When hair loss happens at the roots, people should inquire into what’s wrong with their body or life situation, says Dr. Wilma. There are medical conditions linked to hair loss, like endocrine disorders. For instance, menopausal women may lose excessive iron due to bleeding, and the subsequent anemia causes hair loss. Another factor is issues with the gastrointestinal tract.

Those facing hair loss or hair related issues can approach a qualified dermatologist, who will recommend all necessary tests and carry out a thorough check of diet, lifestyle, family history and other factors.

Kimmy Couture Brand's Hair Biotin booster drops for healthy, strong hair are available on their official online store.

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