Kim Kardashian Facts Fan Site Releases Information on Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth

Kim Kardashian Facts keeps Kim Kardashian fans up to date with the latest sightings, developments, facts and figures on the celebrity so they can share the best gossip with friends.

Kim Kardashian is one of a new generation of famous celebrities that have transitioned from exploitative reality television into self-generated momentum that has made them stars in their own right, despite not having a specific talent or skill, relying instead on the power of their personality. She has since established her own media dynasty, but facts around her can be hard to separate from the gossip and rumor. Kim Kardashian Facts is a site dedicated to doing just that on behalf of her fans, who want to know the truth about the woman herself.

The site is newly launched, and already has posts about her latest activities and confirmed sightings, including her recent trip to a popular New York night club where visitors were treated to Kim Kardashian dancing to husband Kanye’s new track. The move has been speculated to be a PR stunt, but that is just the beginning, as the site speculates on Kanye’s new vision for Kardashian’s personal brand going further than simple sightings.

The site also carries out an investigation into Kim Kardashian’s net worth, estimating her personal worth to be around $40 million dollars before taking into account the industry that perpetuates itself around her.

A spokesperson for Kim Kardashian Facts explained, “The site is a place where Kim Kardashian fans can find out all the latest information on Kim Kardashian, including the typical gossip and sightings but also the stone cold facts, the things that we know for certain about her and monitor how these change and become more complete over time. The site also charts the media reception to Kim Kardashian through the challenges she has faced, to show that she is a more complete and rounded person than she is given credit for, which is sure to be a comfort to her fans.”

About Kim Kardashian:
Kim Kardashian Facts is a fan site and online blog focussing on the life and times of Kim Kardashian, creating a living and instant memoir that charts her forays through showbiz culture and personal highs and lows woven into a tapestry dedicated to her biggest fans, who join together on the site to discuss her latest news.

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