Promotes Burns Night 2017 Events

The online supplier of kilts and kilt rentals invites customers and friends to share their Burns Supper stories and events, reports

January 25, 2017 marked the 2016th celebration of Burns Night, a supper held in honor of Scottish poet Robert Burns. Burns fans at Kilts-n-stuff are inviting their friends and customers to share stories from their Burns Supper Events. They also want to remind people in Chicago, New York, and Rhode Island that they still have opportunities to attend events on February 4. There are also some Burns Suppers taking place in Long Beach, California on the 13th, and on Long Island on the 26th.

"Next to the Highland Games, the Burns Supper is our favorite event of the year," said Steve, the company's customer service representative. "It's a great chance to wear a formal kilt and spend the evening immersed in Scottish culture. We try to be as authentic as we can, and we even have haggis on the menu. We love to see pics of our customers wearing our kilts, so we're asking them to send in stories, pictures, videos, or whatever they have, to let us know how they spent Burns Night."

The company features customers' photos in the "Customers Pics" section of their website, and they are always looking to add more material, Steve noted. Customers can send in photos and stories by email.

Also known as The Celtic Croft, is a family-owned and operated business. The owners and their seven children share an appreciation of Celtic clothing and accessories, and they pride themselves on having the largest collection available anywhere in the U.S. In addition to clothing, customers can browse a wide variety of other items like clan crests, coats of arms, Celtic jewelry and decor, and books and music.

Though it is primarily the Scots who are known for their kilts, Irishmen and Welshmen wear them, too. Scottish kilts are always in a tartan-patterned fabric, and wearers usually choose a design associated with their family name. Irish kilts, on the other hand, are made in solid colors, while Welsh kilts are also tartans, but in a smaller range of patterns. "The kilt is the national dress in Scotland, so there are literally thousands of patterns to choose from," explained Steve. "In Wales, the custom of wearing kilts has only taken off in fairly recent years with the rise in Welsh nationalism."

The tartan weave is very old and probably even pre-dates Celtic culture. To be considered a tartan, the fabric must be made with a single thread woven in and out of double strands, creating one square of blended colors. Customers who want a particular tartan that they don't find on Kilts-n-Stuff's master list can have a tartan woven to order. Customers can also choose non-clan patterns and patterns that are licensed by Outlander: The Series.


Family-owned and operated since 1995, is one of the largest suppliers of kilts, kilt rentals, and Scottish Highland-wear in the USA. Located in the twin cities Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area, the company specializes in catalog and internet sales of everything Celtic, including Outlander: The Series kilts and tartan products.

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