Kierra Henderson Of The Trucking Guru Launches The Truckin' Millionaires Tour

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Experienced trucking professional and entrepreneur, Kierra Henderson, announces the launch of The Truckin' Millionaires Tour, an intensive training to groom the next generation of successful truckers

Kierra Henderson, a self-made millionaire in the trucking industry, is taking her pursuit of developing the next generation of bosses in the industry a notch higher with the launch of The Truckin' Millionaires Tour. The upcoming tour, a 2-day event scheduled to kick off on June 19 through June 20, 2021 in Dallas, Texas, will offer intensive training on different aspects of the trucking business to equip participants with the necessary resources to excel in the highly competitive yet lucrative industry.

The global trucking industry has continued to grow over the years as businesses and individuals transport their wares across different locations. The case is not particularly different in the United States, as the industry remains a major contributor to the country’s GDP. According to a report published on Statista, the US trucking market size was put at over $791 billion in 2019. The report also revealed that the market employs more than 947,000 truck drivers, which is less than the industry requires. Unfortunately, aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry are not well-informed of the intricacies involved to help fill the gap and become a success. However, The Trucking Guru aims to change this narrative with the launch of The Truckin' Millionaires Tour further substantiating this claim.

The Trucking Guru is looking to share her 15 years of experience and knowledge with participants, personifying the process and showing them how the single mom with no high school diploma, and no GED took the transportation industry by storm. The 2-day event is organized in partnership with other well-meaning individuals who have reaped the benefits of the market, covering several topics, including Hot Shots, Box Trucks, 18 Wheelers, Freight, Dispatching, Oil and Gas, Fleet Management, DOT Compliance, and a host others.

For more information about the event and to purchase tickets to the life-changing encounter, visit - The Trucking Guru can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

About The Trucking Guru
The Trucking Guru was founded by Kierra Henderson, an experienced business executive in the industry. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Kierra learned her sense of business from her father. She has grown her business over the years, owning her own fleet of trucks, dispatchers, and a brokerage firm. She is currently focused on educating people on the many ways to create generational wealth working in the transportation industry, providing classes to teach how to become an independent dispatcher, a broker running a brokerage firm, and how to secure their contracts.

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