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Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long tells about its company and services.

When finding the trusted architecture and furniture company, people can connect with the Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long for Interior design and construction; wooden furniture manufacture. The process of design, construction and renovation of its furniture always places high standards of safety, economy, durability and aesthetics on top. Hence, the customers always trust the team of Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long.

Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long is well-known for providing different services. The first is interior design, which includes various projects such as townhouse, apartment, office, villa, restaurant, etc. Apart from design consulting, the construction of furniture is also one of its great strengths. Customers will need to schedule the construction of every work item, clearly defining the time and progress of every item to be installed. Its team of well-qualified and expert supervisors will assist customers to save them from investing a significant amount of time in the project. Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long experts have hands-on experience in constructing the items like floor lamination, tile flooring, wood flooring, wall painting, plaster ceiling, electricity-water systems, supply and installation of sanitary equipment, room doors, kitchen cabinets, beds, wardrobes, TV racks, tables, chairs, and curtains. Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long aims at bringing the customers the finest quality products. Manufacture of wooden furniture is the last service to fulfil the demand of the furniture market by making the items like dining table, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, beds, shelves desk, sofa, decorative shelves, desks, etc. by using different quality materials such as oak, incense, oval, veneer wood, etc. to bring customers the most elegant and luxurious products.

With the enthusiasm and experience of the design team, the client will be consulted as well as documented for free. Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long is always there to support in the most critical part of the client's project. After understanding client needs, the company provides design profiles that will be what the client needs for his home. Once he is fine with the design, the company starts constructing materials that best meet his investment requirements and costs. The company has a team of professional that will deliver the best quality product as the client expects at reasonable prices. With high-quality products and assured warranty comes with good after-sales services.
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About the Company- Kien truc va Noi that Thang Long is the architecture and furniture well-known for providing high-quality furniture, specifically wooden made by the skilled workers. Also, the company handles interior designing projects at its best.

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Name: Tran Tan
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Organization: Thang Long Investment Trading and Furniture Company Limited
Address: Building 38, next to 7, Athena Fulland Urban Area, Nghiem Xuan Yem Street (next to Thang Long University), Hanoi
Phone: 0936276683

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