Kids Cool Wheels Releases New Guide to Buying Electric-Powered Scooters

New guide shows how riders can pick out the best scooter options for their particular needs and characteristics, identifying the top candidates in several categories, Kids Cool Wheels reports

Kids Cool Wheels, an Internet site focusing on scooters, dirt bikes, and other forms of transportation, announced the release of a new buying guide for electric scooters. The new feature takes in-depth looks at the best and most popular scooters of this kind, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each before declaring winners in three separate categories. Kids Cool Wheels is one of the most important resources available for those interested in electric and other scooters, as the company's reviews and guides are some of the most extensive and reliable anywhere.

"Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, whether for getting around the neighborhood or simple recreation," Kids Cool Wheels representative Richard J. Fletcher said, "so our new look at the best of the these scooters will be of great interest to many people." One of the simplest of all forms of transportation in their most basic form, scooters have long been prized by younger riders for their convenience, affordability, and versatility. The addition of relatively light sealed batteries and reliable electric motors to scooters has made them even more attractive to many, as these enhancements can make them much more practical to use over longer distances and in areas with steep hills.

The electric scooters surveyed by Kids Cool Wheels in the company's new guide at are tailored to a variety of different audiences. The least expensive of the scooters that earned the company's recommendation is aimed at younger riders, with the manufacturer labeling it as appropriate for those 8 years of age and older. Even that scooter may propel riders at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour when the on-board electric motor is engaged, a rate of travel that exceeds what most scooter riders can reach under their own power, while still being low enough that major safety issues remain a minor concern when riders wear proper protective equipment.

Kids Cool Wheels also identified some standout options for older and larger riders. The most powerful of the scooters that the company endorsed can carry riders weighing up to 220 pounds and reach speeds as high as 15 miles per hour. Those statistics make the compact, lightweight vehicle appropriate even for adults who might want to travel around their neighborhoods more easily without resorting to the family car, as when visiting neighbors or making quick trips to a local convenience store.

In addition to covering electric scooters of the kind discussed in the company's just-released new guide, Kids Cool Wheels also reviews and discusses a variety of other interesting forms of transportation. The company's work detailing a number of electric-powered dirt bikes appropriate for smaller and younger riders, for example, is some of the most involved and extensive available anywhere, making its website at especially valuable for visitors interested in those options, as well.

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