Kickstarter's "Cyclone" Roller Coaster Kit Keeps Momentum Rolling on Indiegogo

After a successful campaign that raised over $130,000, the new model set by CoasterDynamix continues on Indiegogo, offering a fun and educational toy for tinkerers of all ages. The Cyclone lets users build their own desktop roller coaster with standard LEGO blocks and real-world physics.

CoasterDynamix this week announced the launch of its Indiegogo InDemand campaign to raise money for The Cyclone. The Cyclone is a block-based (LEGO®, Kre-o, Mega Bloks, etc.) roller coaster construction toy, and is the first commercially available kit that combines the versatility of the world's leading building block system with the realism and excitement of the CoasterDynamix track system. The result is an amazing roller coaster model that is easy to build and fun to customize. Join multiple sets together to make larger, more elaborate custom designs, or incorporate standard LEGO® pieces in any way you like. The possibilities are endless!

Instead of coming as a pre-built model, the new toy is designed to be assembled using construction blocks similar to LEGOs. Not only does that add an extra dimension of play to the amusement park ride, but it also allows more creative LEGO builders to customize their coasters, making for a more dynamic model with plenty of replay value.

This project was conceived by a dedicated group of engineers, including a real roller coaster designer. Based around the CoasterDynamix track and train system developed in 2004, the Cyclone functions just like an actual roller coaster. A miniature chain lift hauls the cars to the top of the first hill, then gravity takes over from there. The kit includes everything you need to build the Cyclone.

“We wanted to create a model that closely mimicked the coefficients of friction and the capabilities of a real roller coaster,” says co-creator and engineer Jack Rimer. “We were after a system that would allow us to have hills and inversions that act like real coasters in terms of efficiency. A combination of self-lubricating plastic and metal wheels have given us a train that’s capable of doing all the things that a real rollercoaster is capable of.”

Cyclone Features:
-For ages 14 and up
-4' long, 1:48-scale model
-Includes a hand crank for the chain lift
-Study and model real-world roller coaster physics on a small scale
-Compatible with any standard LEGO part or set
-Includes over 1000 pieces and everything needed to build a working roller coaster

About CoasterDynamix:
CoasterDynamix was started in 2004 as a collaboration between real roller coaster engineer, Mike Graham and entrepreneur, Jack Rimer. Sharing a love for roller coasters and all things miniature, Mike and Jack embarked on a quest to design the world's most realistic roller coaster modeling system. Over the years, CoasterDynamix has designed and built custom models for amusement parks, roller coaster companies, and individual clients. Our line of kits for the model train industry have garnished praise and won awards for innovation and engineering excellence.

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