KickFire CEO, COO, and CMO Go ‘Gangsta’ in Newest Video

The “Perfect Trifecta” turns traditional marketing on its head and drops lyrical beats about local SEO.

Most marketing plans are forgettable. Businesses spend time and money and all they get is a little bit of “Tried-and-True” and a smattering of “This-Usually-Works” and a heavy dose of “This-Is-How-We’ve-Always-Done-It.” Expectations and results rarely meet because the process falls into a rut--creativity and marketing diverge.

Nothing kills creativity like, ‘Business as Usual’. Tyler Seamons, COO of KickFire Marketing explains that the reason businesses hire a marketing firm is to help them connect with old and new clients and convert them with something memorable, not deliver the ‘same-old-same-old’.

Cory Keate, CMO at KickFire, challenged himself to not let an idea fly by without giving it proper consideration. While Keate was writing the script for KickFire’s Local SEO Animated Video Ad, he couldn’t help but put a sing-songy rhythm and beat to it. Then, the idea hit like a G Minor 7th chord: they needed to make a music video!

The result was the creation of KickFire’s band, “Perfect Trifecta,” and the release of its newest video: “Get Your Biz Listing Up.”

After hearing Keate out, Janelle Page, CEO of KickFire green-lit the project because she realized that if they were not willing to be creative with their business and do something completely different, then how could they expect their current or future clients to trust them to be creative with their marketing needs?

Rather than dismissing the idea because it was too ‘outside the box’ and sticking with the mindset that ‘We think we know what works,’ Kickfire ran with the idea. Keate acknowledges that it might be a total disaster and stored away in the dark recesses of a personal hard drive, never to see the light of day. However, it might also be super epic – or at least something in between – but it will be something...and they made it!

Page was enthusiastic, because it was something fun and different; something that would make current clients proud that KickFire is their marketing firm and something that would get potential clients excited about working with them. Everyone wants to be a rock star and making music videos for clients allows them to do just that. Music videos are super fun and engaging, and acting outside of the box causes people to sit up and notice. Our music video did just that. Viewers responded with comments like, "Man! These guys are SO much fun!" and "That is SO clever!"

KickFire is hopeful that many other businesses will “hear” the music and decide to get creative in their marketing. This project generated a lot of creative energy--energy KickFire can put to good use helping its clients achieve their goals.

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