Khanya Mkangisa Sports Look from Volure Hair Boutique on Recent Bona Cover

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Popular young actress looks amazing with hair extensions provided by one of South Africa's leading specialists, Johannesburg-based Volure Hair Boutique reports

Actress Khanya Mkangisa showed off a hairstyle courtesy of the Volure Hair Boutique on the cover of the January edition of Bona magazine, the salon reported. As one of South Africa's most popular and highly regarded salons, Volure regularly works with celebrities and other discerning customers to develop striking, beautiful hairstyles like the one worn by Mkangisa on the recent Bona cover. Those interested in volure weaves can learn more at the salon's website, where links to its actively updated Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages will keep followers up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of weave hairstyles, wigs, and related developments.

"We're huge fans of Khanya Mkangisa and her performances on such hit shows as Mzansi Love," Volure Hair Boutique representative Matt Kingstone said, "It was a real pleasure to team up with her for the Bona shoot, and we're all thrilled with how the cover turned out. Whether working with a star like Khanya or any other client, we here at Volure always strive for the best possible results. We invite everyone interested to have a look at our website and follow us on social media, where pictures of new weaves and hairstyles are always popping up."

As recently as the 1970s and early 1980s, weaves and hair extensions were reserved largely for those working in film, fashion, and theater, as the expense and inconvenience of obtaining them tended to place them out of the reach of others. Since then, however, plummeting prices and major advances in the associated technologies have have made weaves much more accessible to people all over the world, with hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars now being spent on them globally every year.

Carrying the finest and widest selection of weaves, hair extensions, lace wigs and closures, and related products, the Volure Hair Boutique is one of South Africa's leading companies of its kind. Located in the Bram Fischer Shopping Centre at 95 Bram Fischer Drive in the Ferndale, Randale district of northwest Johannesburg, Volure was founded with a mission of making every client feel like a world-class celebrity, a commitment to quality of service that has helped it succeed in a highly competitive industry.

That mission often includes working with those who are already well known, too. When television actress and presenter Khanya Mkangisa approached the company recently, Volure Hair Boutique experts were instrumental in ensuring the success of her cover-photo shoot for popular South African fashion and lifestyle magazine Bona. Those interested can learn more about the shoot and about Volure's many top-quality products at the company's website, where links to its social media pages will also be found.

About Volure Hair Boutique:
Helping every person feel like a celebrity, Volure Hair Boutique is one of South Africa's leading providers of high-quality weaves, hair extensions, lace wigs, and related products, with a full-service salon also catering to clients.

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