Keyword Specialists Drive Traffic to Amazon Sellers’ Product Pages

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Getting started on Amazon requires potential sellers to check off all the boxes on the basic elements. There are many factors that sellers should put into consideration at the initial stages and after the product launch. If you are just starting out, this article highlights key elements you need to capitalize on, such as keywords that drive traffic to Amazon product pages via service providers.

To begin with, you will need to conduct market research for the product/service you are bringing to Amazon. This will help you identify areas where there is a high demand for a product or service that the ‘competition’ is not satisfactorily meeting. Remember to source a quality product from a manufacturer at a good price so that you can earn a decent profit after a successful sale.

Once you’re ready to create your listing, it is critical to make sure that it is optimized. Positive feedback and reviews from buyers are a plus for your page. Include product analytics to help you stay ahead in business, track expenses on ads, and gauge profits from the sale.

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Boosting Sales After Launch

If you have never sold a product or a service on Amazon before, you may notice that keeping the customers flowing might not be very easy. You will need to bring in new customers either by advertising or the use of keywords. Keywords help rank the product higher in search engines and on Amazon as well. A good product listing is also key. Check if your product listing meets the following:

An optimized product title that has your main keywords in it.

High-quality graphics or photos of the products you are selling.

A bullet point section that details your product’s features. This should be simple, detailed, and is optimized with other variations of the main keywords.

A concise and detailed product description that has your product’s unique selling point.

s your business grows, you may boost it by driving external traffic to the product using keyword ranking. There are services available like Signalytics that help e-commerce business owners scale their brands through the above. We shall discuss this later in detail in this article.

For now, let’s look at the importance of keywords driving traffic to your product page.


Keeps You Way Ahead of Your Competitor 


To quickly move your sales from tens to hundreds and to thousands, you need to attract a bigger audience or potential buyers. This should be in relation to the number of shoppers visiting your competitor’s page. One way you can do this is to employ an Amazon service to improve traffic and help you capture fresh buyers.

This also helps you expand beyond Amazon to other sites, which boosts your product’s visibility all around. Not only that, but getting maximum audience reach increases your brand presence and authority in your niche.

Don’t forget that your competitors are also likely doing the same using search engine optimization and ads. Instead of struggling to do all of this yourself, though, using a software provider that has a track record in maximizing your product’s visibility and online brand presence through organic keyword rank and paid media channels can give you a leg up on competing brands.


Boosts Your Brand Awareness on Several Platforms


Keyword ranking and any other means used to drive traffic to your product listing should not only be limited to a single platform. The software provider you use should expose your brand to as many platforms as possible. Your brand is what sells the product at the end of the day. It is the distinguishing factor that makes sellers settle for product A and not product B.

Amazon listing can limit what you can do to make an impression on your customers. Through paid advertisements, you can build your brand outside Amazon. It will call for creativity and working with the right people to achieve the same.

brand speaks for itself, and capturing that voice helps customers to always remember it when they want a product in that category. Why so? This voice is the distinguishing feature that will help your brand stand out on Amazon.


Increases Product Sales


One key deliverable for Amazon sellers’ product page traffic specialists is increased traffic, which increases sales velocity. Boosting product sales from this traffic generation ensures that your brand is profiting and growing steadily. Ranking on the SERP is not easy to achieve for new brands.

Bringing in continuous external traffic will, therefore, ensure that sales are steady after launch. Brands that have already established their market space on Amazon or other platforms can also use external traffic to generate more sales by reaching out to more clients on other sites.

You do not have to depend on the traffic generated from rankings on Amazon alone. Bring in external traffic through a software service for keyword ranking.  It keeps your hands on the steering wheel of your business, and if you launch other products later, this might be easier with consistent related product sales and SERP ranking. As a plus, you get to maintain a steady relationship with an established customer base.


Increases Your Amazon Product’s BSR


Better keyword rankings on Amazon mean more traffic, which translates into increased product sales. But, there is more. If your sales are skyrocketing, with or without a high SERP ranking, Amazon’s A9 algorithm will pick this up. After this, you will notice that your product will rank higher, and eventually, you will land in the Best Seller’s Rank (BSR) category.

Keyword specialists that have successfully helped clients with dramatic optimization of their Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns will help you achieve this effortlessly. As a result, your business can save thousands of dollars spent on organic and advertising revenue.


Expand Your Customer Base


Any clients you get through Amazon belong to Amazon. Sounds weird, right? Bringing in buyers via other platforms helps you create a solid customer base beyond Amazon. Building a reputable brand on Amazon through external traffic instead of solely depending on Amazon product page ranking can make all the difference in the success of your selling.

We strongly advise you to use both to your advantage. It does not hurt to have more customers coming in, and increased revenue they generate. You can use any other traffic as a boost to what you already have on the platform. That said, if you have a reliable Amazon sellers product page traffic specialist, this should not be a problem at all.

You can focus on this and slowly build the brand and sell it to other audiences once you have already established yourself on the Amazon platform.

Why You Should Employ an Amazon FBA Keyword Optimization Service 

Keyword specialists are a great investment for businesses that are launching on Amazon. They will help you get much-needed traffic as well as sales velocity. We advise you to settle for specialists or software providers that have diversified their services. This means that they should be able to optimally drive traffic to your Amazon product page through the use of organic keyword optimization as well as paid advertising methods.

If you launched your product a while back, and nothing much is coming out of it, you should also be able to incorporate these services to boost visibility, traffic and sales. They will help scale your brand on the platform by getting you maximum brand visibility through keyword ranking and other paid media channels.

If you are already an established brand, and you want to increase your revenue and grow your customer base, working with Amazon sellers’ product page keyword specialists is a no-brainer.

Signalytics LLC is a team of experts that help Amazon sellers market their products and grow their business. The company is headed by two of the most influential thought leaders in the space that actively test new concepts daily. It is deeply connected with big sellers, industry executives, and other reliable sources of exclusive information, passing on this advantage to its clients.

In Conclusion

f you are an Amazon seller who wants to grow your business through the use of organic keyword ranking and paid media platforms, Signalytics LLC has the right tools built for you by high-performance sellers. Visit to get started today.

The post Keyword Specialists Drive Traffic to Amazon Sellers’ Product Pages appeared first on prReach Blog.

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