Kevin Hart, Ndamukong Suh Video Sparks NFL Speculations

A quiet, unassuming visit to the top bootcamp gym in Miami, Legacy Fit Midtown, by Hollywood hotshot Kevin Hart turns into viral video and NFL speculation of comedy lessons for Miami Dolphins' Defensive Tackle, Ndamukong Suh.

Earlier this month, “Central Intelligence” star and iconic comedian Kevin Hart paid a visit to Miami, Florida, taking advantage of the top bootcamp gym in the city, Legacy Fit, to film “backstage” footage of his workout with Miami Dolphin's Ndamukong Suh. Posted to YouTube, the video caught the eye of NFL analyst, Conor Orr who speculated in an article on June 15th, that Suh is actively pursuing an “image makeover.”

Once the “bad-boy” of the NFL, Suh has recently taken part in many Miami Dolphin press conferences, showing a comedic side, thus far unknown.

“There is nothing to worry about Suh,” stated teammate OLB, Koa Misi, in the Miami Herald. “He's a great guy, a good football player, and a good leader."

Known to his fellow NFL players as somewhat of a recluse, through the newfound active involvement in press conferences and interviews, the world is seeing a different side of the once controversial defender.

“There are people that truly believe he is wildly misunderstood,” Conor Orr wrote in the piece. “And that the version of Suh being written about now is really who he is.”

The YouTube video shows Suh and Hart in the Legacy Fit Midtown facility working out and actively joking with one another, showing that the once rule breaking NFL star has a fun and joyous side.

"People have a skewed view of who I am," Suh said in an E:60 profile in 2015. "When people have the opportunity to be unbiased and unfiltered, they'll get to know who I am as a person and who Ndamukong Suh is."

As a trainer to professional athletes, Legacy Fit founder, Manning Sumner is all too familiar with misconceptions of who an athlete may truly be.

“I train many athletes who have a reputation as beasts on the field or court. And they are,” Sumner offered. “But when you get to know them, you realize they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.”

Suh has recently displayed a sense of humor that no one who remembers his overly aggressive behaviors during his days with the Detroit Lions would expect from the hulking defensive tackle.

“Hanging with Kevin Hart can be nothing but good for Suh's sense of humor,” Sumner offered. “Kevin is a consummate professional and one very funny and humble guy. I was impressed with man's demeanor during the time they spent here at Legacy Fit and I welcome them back any time.”

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