Kettlecross Reimagines the Kettlebell Weight for a Safer, More Effective Workout Experience

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Live on Kickstarter, Kettlecross is a patent-pending evolution of the kettlebell.

Kettlecross, the revolutionary new redesigned kettlebell weight by Morfit Innovation, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The kettlebell weight, a timeless exercise staple, is both a favorite and an albatross for workout enthusiasts and crossfitters. The pain that comes from transitioning the weight into overhead positions, the dreaded forearm flop and a weak, strained wrist position are all compromises users have been forced to make. The Kettlecross aims to keep everything people love about the kettlebell, while eliminating the downside.

“Kettlebells are brilliant but they’ve hardly changed since the 1900’s when the Russian’s screwed handles into cannonballs!” says founder and creator Josh Hume. “Somewhere along the way we just accepted they would cause us pain! As I started to look at how to address this, I realized that if I could find a way to retain the uneven load distribution, there were lots of other ways to approach the development. I imagined multiple handles, adjustable weights and even smart devices, but it felt like all of them moved away from the beautiful (and sometimes brutal) familiarity of a kettlebell.”

The result is Kettlecross - a kettlebell weight with an innovative design that splits the main weight in half, with the gap in the middle; providing three main benefits:

• Removes the bulk that typically impacts the forearm when transitioning into overhead positions.

• Allows users to employ a neutral (stronger) grip instead of a strained (weak) one once the weight is overhead.

• Introduces new levels of instability because the bulk no longer rests against the forearm making it free to move. This allows the user’s stabilizer muscles to fire up to keep it steady.

The Kettlecross has been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. By producing locally, the company is able to reduce carbon footprint of the project and by using high quality, durable materials is able to build something that will last for generations. Backers of the campaign can select between two different weight sizes— 8kg and 12kg.

“The patent-pending Kettlecross keeps all of the things we love about kettlebells and none of the things we don’t,” adds Hume. “Kettlecross keeps the uneven load distribution, durability and versatility of kettlebells whilst removing the wrist strain and forearm impact we've been forced to accept in the past"

Kettlecross is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Morfit Innovation

Morfit Innovation blends product design with sports technology to evolve familiar fitness tools, making them more versatile, more comfortable or more engaging.  With 15 years experience in home fitness and product development, Josh Hume has multiple patents, pending and granted. First up for Morfit Innovation, the Kettlecross - a respectful evolution of the much-loved kettlebell.


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