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With the football lovers, football is not only a traditional sport played on the pitch. But it is also played as an online game. There are so many online football games, but Fifa Online 4 is a fascinating game. FIFA Online is a series of online sports games developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Based on EA's FIFA series of games, it was released with a free-to-play model focusing on the Asian video game market. With realistic graphics, diverse gameplay, FO4 has given players the feeling of being immersed in the top matches, conquering the round ball right on the computer screen. Playing FO4, the player has to learn how to play it in the smartest way and have effective tactics.

KeoWin365 is a place that will support the player playing Fifa online 4 fastest and the most helpful way. By visiting KeoWin365 website, users can find out lots of football knowledge, such as a multi-dimensional view of the skills that the players in the FO4 squad are strongest. As well as create a strong strategy thanks to the super-strong football players and unique creative gameplay along with the noble titles they bring.

KeoWin365 suggests players use the 4-1-2-3 squad with some highlight football stars for their squad. For example, in the Goalkeeper position, T. Courtois is the best choice because of his skills and reflectivity. For sure, those who play FO4 and watch football have long been no stranger to the name of the player T. Courtois 20. The body parameters are extremely outstanding when possessing a huge height of 1m99, the players' reflexes are 89 points, and the technique of catching the ball is 91 points. These are great parameters that prove T.Courtois is worthy of the goalkeeper position in the squad.

In Left Back and Right Back positions, T. Hernandez and A. Hakimi are good options. Both are always on the list of footballers most searched for by players.

S.Ramos LH-R. Varane BOE is a pair of central defenders who play extremely well together in Left Center Back and Right Center Back to help Real win from glory to victory. Owning a height that is not as outstanding as other teammates is 1m84, but Ramos is the best center back in FO4. Varane is considered a "monster" in this game when he has speed and defense stats up to 100 points.

KeoWin365 also recommends the player Essien for the Center Defensive Midfielder position when his physical and defensive stats are 102. In addition, KeoWin365 also suggests that players build a squad to compete with other famous players such as Z. Zidane MC, C.Ronaldo MC, and so on.

KeoWin365 is a place that provides so many helpful guides and tips of Fifa online 4. Everything about the football star or ideal football squad is free for the players.

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