Kenza Furniture Offers A Wide Range Of Premium Looking And Affordable Sofas

Kenza Furniture talks about various luxurious and premium-looking sofas that come at an affordable price.

Kenza Furniture is one of the top Vietnamese company that provides the best and most innovative furniture products. Kenza furniture is a big retailer that sells a great deal of luxury sofas and other furniture products. The spokesperson from the company talks about the wide range of premium looking sofas that Kenza furniture provides. One of their most popular luxurious sofas is Sofa Fiona Italia that comes with a warranty period of 5 years. Italy is not only famous for architectural works and fashion products, but it has also gained its name when it comes to luxurious sofas. Kenza furniture has created Italian-style sofas that come with a wide range of designs and styles. It is because of detailing; Sofa Fiona Italia is popular among people. The size of this sofa is 2700 x 1700 x 900, and it comes at a reasonable price of 22,700,000 Vietnamese Dong. Because of the popularity of this product, they give 3 pillows worth of approximately 1 million Vietnamese Dong free on the purchase of Sofa Fiona Italia. The representative from the company further talks about the SK G16, which is a wooden style living room sofa. This premium look comes at a reasonable price of 21,800,000 Vietnamese Dong. This leather sofa is highly comforting, and one can use it for 10 to 20 years. There are other various sofas that one can find in Kenza Furniture, to know more,

About the Company:
One of the top Vietnamese companies when it comes to luxurious sofa and other furniture provider is Kenza Furniture. They have a wide range of products that comes with different and innovative designs. Because of the variety of products, they offer, customers can choose what suits them the most. This company was started in 2008, and ever since have ruled the world of furniture and sofas in the Vietnamese market. They have a team of dedicated and experienced professional carpenters that ensures that the final product meets the customer’s requirement. They have made furniture products that will go best with customer’s villas, apartments, houses, hotels, offices, cafes, karaoke, etc. Some of their most popular products are dining tables, living room sofa, and chairs. Kenza furniture is ranked as one of the top 3 furniture providing company in Hanoi. They also provide interior designing services, sofa that are imported from Europe, cushions of brands such as Helux, Dumlopillo, etc., carpets, mattresses, kitchen appliances, and much more. They always keep up to date with trendy designs and apply them to provide customers with satisfactory and trendy interior products. They provide the best and most innovative furniture product to the customers through their in-depth understanding and experience about the market.

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• No 16 Tran Kim Xuyen - Cau Giay, HN
Phone: 0934 612 102, 0934 508 4930

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