Kent Removals Company Say UK House Prices are Still Below 2007 Peak

Kent Based Moving Company's latest info-graph suggests UK property prices rose by 5.4 percent in 2013 but are still below the 2007 peak. is the website of Compass Moving Services, a family owned removals company located in the county of Kent, southern England.

Compass Moving Services have recently commissioned the production of an info-graph, a full size version of which can be found here. The topic of the info-graph is that always popular subject, UK house prices and the UK property market as a whole. Compass believe the infographic will be popular, UK home owners love to talk about how much equity they have made on their home and the UK housing market in general. The UK housing market is a big part of the economy and obviously very important to the moving business too so it is always good for Compass to know whether the market is going up, down or sideways.

The info-graph looks at house price trends for the whole of the United Kingdom and reveals some interesting statistics, many might be surprised to learn that despite the governments best efforts (help to buy, etc.) UK house prices are still 4% below their 2007 high. One statistic the infographic researchers found suggests that more UK residents may now be looking to rent as opposed to buy their own home, the number of privately rented UK homes went from 2.4 Million in 2005 to 3.8 Million in 2013, an increase of 58%.

Last year the biggest property price increases were seen in London, London property prices rose by 11.6% in 2013. England as a whole saw property prices increases of 5.6% closely followed by Wales at 5.4%, Nothern Ireland property prices increased by 3.3% and Scotland was the United Kingdom country with the lowest property price increase of just 2.5%

Compass Moving Services has 30yrs+ of combined moving industry experience, the company offers domestic removal services for throughout the whole of Kent and East Sussex and can also help with International and European moves, Compass offer weekly services France and Italy. . The company has full insurance, offers free quotations and they can deal with any size of property, from studio flats to mansions. Compass Moving Services can be contacted via their website, or by calling 01580 754 391.

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