Kenny Slaught – Offers a Brief on the World’s Most Architecturally Sophisticated Hospital Designs

The Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Children, located in Orlando, Florida looks more like a hotel and it comes from the minds of Jonathan Bailey Associates UK LTD.

Commercial property investor and President of Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught states that hospitals are the representation of urban wellness and societal progress in a broader sense. While hospitals are strategic imperatives for the healthcare system and infrastructure, Slaught takes an extraordinary stand over the medical institutions looking at some of the most impressive hospitals around the world and offers insights about their architectural designs.

The Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Children, located in Orlando, Florida looks more like a hotel and it comes from the minds of Jonathan Bailey Associates UK LTD. The exterior structure is made up of dark glass resting on a triangle-shaped base. The idea behind the construction of this impeccable building was to associate it with a hotel concept, but the glassy complex also has a great functional practicability because the arrangement has many advantages, including but not limited to an easier access to resources, greater efficiency of the movement of patients and staff as well as a more simplified way of monitoring activities. The construction of the hospital was accomplished in 2006. Today, the Winnie Palmer Hospital is a landmark complex that many visit as a sightseeing destination. With a total project value of $100 million, the Winnie Palmer Hospital covers over 391,000 square feet of a new construction and approximately 23,000 square feet of a renovate area. With its design, the building reflects a sense of serenity that is more like a high-end hotel aimed to have a healing getaway and not a hospital stay.

The Akershus University Hospital in Nordbyhagen, Norway comes from the minds within the Scandinavian firm Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller. They aimed at creating a friendly, welcoming environment for patients and their families with many visual stimulations and a unique design for each section of the hospital. For example, the wards have one kind of architectural expression, while the treatment departments have another and the children’s clinic another. The hospital is so innovative that it even uses geothermal heating for most of its warming requirements. It was open in 2008 and works on the emergency department went until 2014. In 2009, it won the award for Best International Design in the ‘Building Better Healthcare’ Awards. Kenny Slaught notes that daylight was given an important space in the design and it has amazing landscapes that surround it and the short distances between the functions, the clear organization and the modern technology give the staff more time for their patients.

Founder of Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught has been in the industry for more than four decades. A dedicated investment strategist, he manages more than 3 million square feet of property throughout California. With total transactions valued above $1.2 billion, Investec has grown to become one of Santa Barbara’s leading real estate firms. An avid philanthropist, Mr. Slaught is involved with many non-profit and community organizations, including Hospice of Santa Barbara, the Music Academy of the West. Contributing to the benefit of youth in the area, he dedicates considerable time to these and other worthy causes.

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