Kenergy Scientific, Inc (KNSC), Releases Preview of Stoned Pilots Marijuana Portal

TORONTO, CANADA / April 14, 2014 / Kenergy Scientific Inc (KNSC) (The Company), an innovative media marketing services company, is pleased to announce the preview launch of its marijuana portal Stoned Pilots.Com

Recently the Company did a "quiet preview launch" of its marijuana portal Stoned Pilots via Twitter social media. See Company has received many suggestions for the "alpha" portal and as always, we welcome all input from our followers. Just a reminder, that in the preview mode, not all features and functionality nor user experience is activated. Stoned Pilots is being built as a portal for the marijuana industry that will offer vertical growth and chain management supply methodology through technology primarily via smart phone, tablets and other mobile devices (SMT).

Stoned Pilots V1 site will launch shortly. Stoned Pilots V2 development is currently well under way, and expected shortly. V2 version will offer the aforementioned full suite of SMT features and functionality. SMT technology is currently being successfully utilized by many mid cap and large cap companies, and integrated in their back end office as a customer relationship (CSR) tool. To the Company’ and managements knowledge, and research no such SMT solution is currently available for the marijuana industry. KNSC aspirations and ambitions are to be the 1st Company in this SMT space to offer this service. Stoned Pilots intends to generate revenues from both advertising fees, and SMT push technology services. Looking forward down range in 2014 discussions with IT engineer’s SEO professionals re V3 is currently being analyzed. Stoned Pilots is a work in progress with many updates, plug ins and various other features and functionalities that will be added over time. Thee management is of the opinion all these added features and benefits will generate revenues for the company.

Future developments, events and news releases will follow on a timely basis.
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