Kemper Medical Unveils Expanded Line Of Radiation Supplies And Protective Gear

Regular radiation exposure has the potential to cause significant health damage. See how Kemper Medical's protective gear can help guard radiology professionals at

Studies have shown that interventional radiology workers are more susceptible to cataracts than control populations who do not work with radiation. Recent statistics show that as many as 50 percent of doctors, nurses and technicians who work regularly with radiation technology experience eye damage. However, wearing protective eyewear can reduce that statistic to less than 10 percent.

It is with the mission of preventing the physical damage caused by radiation that Kemper Medical, a global distributor of premium medical products, is introducing their expanded catalog of radiology protective gear. This catalog includes aprons, gloves, protective shields, and lead eyewear.

Greg Kemper, a representative of Kemper Medical, stated “While the use of protective gear is not always required by law for radiology professionals, over 95 percent of hospitals do require them to use it. This is because hospital officials recognize the role that this protective gear plays in keeping the damaging health effects of radiation at bay. Our extensive selection of high-quality lead eyewear and other protective gear aids hospitals and their employees in that mission.”

Kemper goes on to say, “The proper use of protective eyewear during procedures involving high amounts of radiation reduces the amount of scattered radiation that hits the eye to 3 percent or less. This means that the eyes are exposed to only a few microsieverts of radiation per procedure. In turn, this significantly reduces the chances of cataracts and other serious eye issues developing. Radiology professionals have much less to worry about when they wear protective gear, and they can continue on in their careers without the fear that eye problems will someday prevent them from practicing their craft.”

“The team at Kemper Medical cares a great deal about all professionals in the radiology field. We admire them for the work that they do to help restore health to the patients they see each day. We want them to be able to continue to do so without concern that they will be damaging their own health in the process. Our expanded lineup of radiology protective gear that we’ve introduced in our current catalog allows us to do just that.”

About Kemper Medical:

Kemper Medical Inc. is a worldwide distributor of premium medical supplies from manufacturers with the best reputations. KMI’s beginnings sprung from a request by a single manufacturer to help with some customer service issues they were having in their local area. From that request to present day, Kemper Medical has grown to distribute for 24 major manufacturers. With aggressive expansion, products are being added daily and category niches are being filled. Their medical supplies manufacturers are all name-brand companies with the best reputations in the industry.

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