Kelowna Marketing Firm Joint Ventures With Calgary Scrubber Company

A Calgary based kitchen scrubber company reaches out to Kelowna based Search Engine Marketing company with a joint venture proposal. They officially strike a long-term deal. - a Kelowna based search engine optimization (SEO) company - announced today that it will be the official marketing representative for Gentlemen's Scrubbers from now on. Although most of the marketing done for the company was already done by, it is only now that the SEO giant will be the official marketing representative for the company.

Konrad Braun - CEO and founder of - said it was a happy joint venture for both parties. "Gentlemen's Scrubbers is a great company and their products are phenomenal. So taking them on as a client and potentially becoming a partner in the company was a no-brainer for me."

Braun says him and his search engine marketing company have been part of various startups over the years but insists this company is different. When asked what felt different about it, he responded "I'm not sure to be honest. It's perhaps the first time where I truly believed in the product. It's not to say the other companies I am part of or have been part of were not great. All I'm saying is: Gentlemen's Scrubbers is unique. Their product is fantastic. The owner has been in the industry for a long time - which is a huge plus in my books. I also truly believe they will revolutionize the dish scrubber market."

Braun went on to explain how the scrubber company - although focusing on a tiny niche within the huge cleaning industry - targets a cleaning product category that has mostly been neglected in terms of innovation. "Most of the scrubbers being used today were used by my great grandparents. It's sad on one hand that it took this long for something better to come along. It is exciting on the other hand that my company and I are able to be part in this fresh out-of-the-box thinking."

Susi Harris - the CEO and founder of Gentlemen's Scrubbers - first owned a high-end housekeeping company in Calgary. According to her, finding high quality kitchen scrubbers was near impossible, which lead to her finally handcrafting her own. Her company's staff and her clients were so impressed by them that they quickly turned into a business of their own.

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