Keep Track of Children with Squeak Alert, The Patented Mat Alert System That Squeaks When Stepped On

Live on Kickstarter, the Squeak Alert is a patented alert MAT that can be strategically hidden around the house; no electricity required.

Squeak Alert, the revolutionary new patented mat alert system that squeaks when stepped on, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Kids are fast, furious and always on the move— Squeak Alert is on a mission to give busy parents peace of mind when their kids are heading somewhere they shouldn’t be. One step on Squeak Alert & the mat lets out a loud SQUEAK so parents can instantly locate their child.

“The idea was brought to light by a late night snack. As I was half-awake, feeling my way around a dark living room, I stepped on a dog toy. The squeak it gave off scared the living daylights out of me and sure as heck got my attention. Being newly married and our friends having toddlers and young kids, I would hear hundreds of stories about their kids getting into (and sometimes out of) places they shouldn't be,” says founder and creator Ricky Philippi on the inspiration behind the project. “I thought, there has to be a simple solution to alert parents of a child's whereabouts; why not come up with a doormat that gives off a sound when pressure is applied? I immediately wanted to go BIG - I wanted to provide a doormat in every pattern/color you could think of. Insert advice from my wife - instead of creating my own patterns for the alert system, why not develop a slip that creates an alert that can be placed under their existing doormat or rug? BOOM - concept born!”

Squeak Alert is a patented, pressure driven alert system that doesn't require technology or electricity. No wires to hide and no app needed. It's portable & setup takes less than one minute. Best of all, it is sized perfectly to fit standard sized doormats that people already own. Perfect for sleep walking children, a backdoor leading to a swimming pool, at the foot of a staircase, or a front door to a busy street. Squeak Alert will instantly let parents know that their child is potentially heading somewhere they shouldn’t be. The system even works great for elderly parents and even for house training dogs. It’s the ideal alarm system for families in all walks of life.

“There isn't anything like Squeak Alert on the market & our utility patent proves that. Squeak Alert requires ZERO electricity or technology to work properly. It takes less than one minute to set up & it can be placed throughout the home without having any wires to hide - it truly is 100% portable,” adds Philippi. “It can easily be packed up to take on family vacations for that extra added security, whether renting a vacation home or staying in a hotel, you can always be sure that your toddler won’t take off to somewhere they shouldn’t be.”

Squeak Alert is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Squeak Alert

Squeak Alert is a patented slip that produces a noise when pressure is applied (i.e., stepping on it) & is designed to be placed under an existing doormat or rug throughout the home; no electricity or technology needed. For more information on Squeak Alert please visit


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