KCFixit Publishes Signs of Foundation Damage Imperative For Homeowners

Spotting foundation damage early can save homeowners thousands of dollars, KCFixit.com reports

Foundation problems are common in the Kansas City area. The expansion and contraction of the ground can cause cracks, and the lack of solid ground can also causes foundations to become crooked over time. KCFixit has launched a site that offers a free inspection for foundation damage as well as information about the different types of problems and repair methods that may be encountered. This site is intended to help the owners of houses and other buildings spot damage before it becomes worse.

"Many foundation problems start out with small cracks in the floors or walls," said John Blake of KCFixit. "It is often relatively easy to fix problems at this stage, but homeowners often miss these initial signs. This allows problems to grow until they are much more expensive and time-consuming to repair. We're hoping that our free inspection program will allow people to save time and money by spotting issues long before that point."

Some signs of foundation problems are even more subtle. One good tip-off that something's wrong is that interior doors no longer seem to work right. Instead of staying in the positions they're left in, they tend to swing either open or closed. When this behavior is consistent, it signifies that the house is no longer level. "Doors that won't stay put even when there isn't any wind are following the pull of gravity," Blake said. "When all of the doors in a house try to swing in the same direction, that's a dead giveaway that the structure is on a slant. The slant may not be visible, and it may not feel like you're walking on a hill inside, but that's what drags an entire house's doors in one direction."

At other times, problems develop that have nothing subtle about them. A leaky basement, for example, will always be extra-damp or even wet. Fortunately, water infiltration can be stopped before it causes extra problems. Basement waterproofing will stop leaks before they can break down the cement or blocks in the walls and the foundation. Because waterproofing is so important, it's one of the services featured prominently on KCFixit's site at www.kcfixit.com.

The site doesn't stop with informing people about the company's inspection, repair, and waterproofing services. It also has a very informative page about what to look for in a foundation repair contractor. "Most people haven't had to look too far into what qualities a good foundation repair company should have," Blake said. "Therefore, we believe it's important to let them know what to look for. This will make it much easier for someone to move forward with a repair project in a careful and educated way."

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KCFixit is a Kansas City, MO foundation repair and waterproofing company. It is a premier provider of mudjacking, which is a method used for leveling foundations. It can also take care of water infiltration, fix cracked foundations, and deal with other such problems as needed.

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