Kayaker Recommends Surviveware Waterproof First Aid Kit to Fellow Watersport Enthusiasts

Surviveware Waterproof First Aid Kit Recommended for Aquatic Adventures

Distanced from the shore, having a first aid kit onboard one’s watercraft means being able to treat wounds immediately when they happen. Calling for help is still necessary in certain situations, but being able to treat a wound right away can minimize long term effects. Having a watertight med kit serves as your first line of defense in dealing with fishing and boating-related injuries.

Despite its importance, many boaters and watercraft owners shy away from bringing a first aid kit on their voyages. Many of the available backpacking first aid kits on the market which market themselves as ‘waterproof’ are merely water-resistant, which can make the experience of bringing a kit on water more troublesome than may seem worth it. Seeing the need for a truly watertight first aid kit, Surviveware, a leading retailer of adventure and preparedness gear, recently released its Waterproof First Aid Kit.

The Surviveware Waterproof First Aid Kit is crafted for outdoor activities where water, moisture, and snow may be involved. Its soft-shell case is made of TPU fabric. This material, along with the kit’s watertight zippers, helps the kit withstand underwater submersion. Because of this feature, the first aid kit has an IPX7 certification, certifying the kit can be submerged underwater at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. Helpfully, the bag floats, which comes in handy if it is accidentally dropped during an excursion.

The Waterproof First Aid Kit, which is available on Amazon Prime, contains the most commonly needed first aid items that one may need during emergencies. Some of the supplies within the kit include: adhesive bandages, gauze swabs, cleansing wipes, eye pads, wound strip closures, safety pins, hydrogels, and a triangular bandage. It also comes with tools such as tweezers, nitrile gloves, splinter probes, earplugs, hypoallergenic tape, and medical-grade trauma shears. A CPR kit and first aid handbook round out the durable watertight med kit.

Surviveware’s Waterproof First Aid Kit’s labeled interior compartments keep all the supplies organized. The compartments note the contents’ name, quantity, and recommended use, so it’s easier to locate and retrieve the stored provisions, particularly in an emergency. This heavy-duty waterproof kit incorporates a MOLLE-compatible system and power loops on the exterior that provide ample support and grip to the whole bag.

In the following review written by a Surviveware Amazon customer, he shared how his watertight med kit is now an essential add-on to his kayak and other watercraft:

“Great product that is kept in my kayak. Even better customer service. After purchase, was able to get free items, but the handwritten note was the best part. In times of big box store business, knowing you support the small businesses out there and getting a handwritten note of appreciation, makes the value so much more. Definitely recommend, you pay for what you get!”

Be ready for your next aquatic adventure with Surviveware’s Waterproof First Aid Kit. Hurry and place your today by clicking here.

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